Tinfoil Haturday: Special Ops Soldier Shoots Illegal Chechen Photographing His Kid, Then it Gets Weird

On May 3rd, 2024, a U.S. Army Special Forces colonel living in Carthage, NC saw what appeared to be a man trespassing on the colonel’s property, photographing the officer’s children.


FACT-O-RAMA! Carthage is located near Fort Liberty, which used to be called Fort Bragg until our woke, Marxist military leaders decided the name was offensive as it was in honor of Gen. Braxton Bragg who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War.

Reports say two Chechen men who spoke only broken English were on the property in two locations. A scuffle broke out between the colonel and Ramzan Daraev, 35, of Chicago. The Army officer fired at and killed Daraev at close range. The other Chechen was located in a vehicle elsewhere on the property. He was interviewed and, somewhat astonishingly, released by law enforcement. The FBI was called (uh-oh) and offered linguistic help.

Fox News is reporting the two Chechens are here illegally. Listen to what they say about Utilities One, which refuses to answer their phones. 

I smell a stink badger in the perfume aisle.

The Moore County Sherriff’s office released a statement that included the following:

The caller indicated that an individual was observed taking photographs on the property and had become aggressive towards a resident outside their home. The deceased was found approximately 250 yards from the roadway, along a powerline on the residential property. Identification was not initially found on Daraev; however, his identity was later confirmed through family members and an international identification located in his vehicle.


So two barely-English-speaking Chechens — one now ventilated and deceased — here illegally, were allegedly working as subcontractors for a utility company, Utilities One, based in New Jersey. But Dareav, the dead Chechen, didn’t have any utility tools or utility identification. An international ID card in the vehicle identified him. Nor were the two men wearing utility uniforms. Law enforcement also found two Russian-language cell phones in the car and camera equipment. Little is known about the Chechen in the vehicle who was interviewed and released. Authorities are looking into whether or not the two men were working for Utilities One.

Sources indicated to Fox News that feigning working for a utility company is a popular subterfuge for surveillance teams. 

Now it gets weirder. Local news media reported the shooting but the mainstream media didn’t say much. As if that isn’t suspicious enough, U.S. Special Ops soldiers around the nation have reportedly been the victims of suspicious surveillance of themselves and their families for the past few years. And yet the second Chechen was released after being interviewed.

Let’s take this tinfoil hattery to another level: 18 months ago, two power substations in Carthage were damaged by gunfire, leaving tens of thousands of people without power.

Despite video of a suspicious van and geofence location which pinged only 17 cell phones, no arrests have been made.

A tipster led police to one man who hadn’t been charged but suggested a local group called either the Moore County Patriots — which is a kids’ basketball team — or the Moore County Citizens for Freedom, a group of roughly 1,200 North Carolinians dedicated to conservative values, had made plans to attack the substations but decided not to go take down their own source of power. I’m starting to smell a “fednapping” situation.


Investigators also suggested the shootings were likely committed by someone with extensive knowledge of substations and suggested a bitter ex-employee may be to blame. Shell casings found at the scene indicated the substations were shot up by the same gun. 

Now is a good time to remind you of the numerous reports of American military bases being breached, sometimes as often as two or three times per week.

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Not to mention, FBI head honcho Christopher Wray has been sounding the alarm quite frequently about possible impending terror attacks.


Two Chechens, here illegally, and likely posing as utility workers — but lacking any tools, ID, uniforms, or anything one can link to their supposed employer a shady AF company where no one picks up the phone — were caught on the property of a U.S. Special Ops colonel. One was taking pictures of the officer’s kids and was perforated by several shots at close range in a scuffle with the soldier and gave up the ghost. The other was, oddly, interviewed and allowed to leave. 

In what may or may not be relevant, two Carthage utility substations were shot up 18 months ago by someone who police believe had an intimate, working knowledge of the power grids. No arrests were made. Notably, FBI boss Christopher Wray has been warning us our enemies may be targeting power grids.


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 As expected, a finger is being pointed at a patriotic group of North Carolinians as possibly being involved in wanting to take out the lights in their own community.

The Pravda press didn’t think the story of Chechens surveilling a Special Ops colonel was worth mentioning, even as foreign nationals are making two or three attempts to breach our military bases every week.

They also “forgot” to tell us two illegal immigrants tried to force their way onto Quantico, where the Marines, FBI, and others have training facilities.

Now would be a great time to score some survival supplies and ammo.

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