Adam Carolla Shreds Schwarzenegger, Stern for Insane COVID Rants

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Adam Carolla is doing a victory lap, and it’s hard to blame him.

The “Mr. Birchum” star took to X Sunday to remind everyone what he said during the recent pandemic.

  • Don’t believe Dr. Anthony Fauci
  • Airline masking rules make no sense
  • The virus overwhelmingly affects the old and immunocompromised
  • The media wants to scare you

For that he was tarred and feathered in the public square. And, as we now know, he was right on all of the above.

Carolla shared a 2020 article from the liberal that noted his unwillingness to “apologize” for sharing those views at the time.

He’s not willing to forgive and forget.

Read this and tell me what I got wrong and as far as the celebrity’s that spoke out. Let’s hear what you have to say now you cowards please speak up. you were willing to speak out then how about now cowards

Bottom of Form

Carolla and longtime broadcasting partner Dr. Drew Pinsky have led the way in exposing pandemic lies, overreach and misdirection on “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show.”

One example?

Carolla routinely harped on airlines insisting fliers “mask up” between bites and sips. Did the virus take a knee while passengers snacked on trail mix, he asked.

The comedian also targeted the King of All Media on X, someone who many fear for his ability to counter-punch like few others.

Like Jerry Seinfeld.

Earlier this month, Seinfeld slammed and then swiftly apologized for suggesting radio superstar Howard Stern wasn’t a top-tier comic.

Not Carolla.

The podcaster targeted Stern and Arnold Schwarzenegger for their extreme pandemic rhetoric.

The “Predator” star famously said, “screw your freedom” when it came to pandemic rules. He later apologized.

Stern became a recluse during the pandemic, refusing to leave his home and shunning his social life. He also blasted those who refused to take the vaccine, a medicinal treatment less effective than we were initially told.

He got COVID-19 anyway. He lived.

Adam Carolla and Howard Stern. It’s … Complicated

Carolla previously appeared on “The Howard Stern Show,” but the podcaster said Stern severed their ties during the pandemic.

“I’m no longer welcome on the show because I was right about everything COVID. It’s important that I be punished for being correct about everything COVID.”

Now, there’s zero chance of a reunion.

One duo who won’t be splintered by COVID-19 disagreements? Carolla and longtime pal Jimmy Kimmel.

The two met in the 1990s when Carolla brought his Mr. Birchum character to Kimmel’s show on KROQ-FM in Los Angeles. They’ve been thick as thieves ever since, collaborating on both “The Man Show” and “Crank Yankers” through the years.

Kimmel’s pandemic rhetoric proved both aggressively left-of-center and misinformed, in retrospect. Carolla has not held that against his chum, by any indication.

The two have been able to set aside their political differences to keep their friendship intact.

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