U.S. prepares for war amid growing tensions that China could invade Taiwan

The Daily Mail reported that the United States military is actively preparing for war against China over tensions surrounding Taiwan. The report noted that marines from the U.S. and Philippines have been taking part in strange war games on a series of small islands in the area.

The exercises have included deploying teams of marines from Chinook helicopters, assessing terrain, and even readying unarmed assault rifles. These actions appear to reveal the view of U.S. military leaders as China threatens to press into Taiwan.

‘It really is going to be us or them. … You do not want a world order where our adversaries try to define new norms.’

The report noted that any serious conflict that breaks out between the U.S. and China could easily snowball into World War III. Both nations have a stockpile of nuclear weapons that could easily destroy the planet.

However, the foundational tension is between China and Taiwan. Though Taiwan has made it known that it has no desire to be part of China, Chinese President Xi Jinping has expressed his desire to “reunify” Taiwan with mainland China.

However, it is uncertain if and when the Chinese president will deploy an attack against the small country.

The potential dispute also raises questions about the future of warfare, given that artificial intelligence has made its way on the scene.

Blaze News reported last week “that software companies such as Palantir and Govini are behind the production and modernization of the most high-tech military weapon systems. Both companies were present at the second annual AI Expo for National Competitiveness in Washington to show off their developments to top military officials.”

Palantir’s CEO and co-founder Alex Karp said: “The way to prevent a war with China is to ramp up not just Palantir, but defense tech startups that produce software-defining weapons systems that scare the living F out of our adversaries.”

Karp noted that the U.S. must stay ahead of its military opponents in the realm of AI.

“Our adversaries have a long tradition of being not interested in the rule of law, not interested in fairness, not interested in human rights and on the battlefield. It really is going to be us or them. … You do not want a world order where our adversaries try to define new norms. It would be very bad for the world, and it would be especially bad for America,” Karp concluded.

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