Male, 15, tries to carjack sheriff’s deputy as swarming crowd kicks, punches patrol vehicle amid street takeover, police say

A 15-year-old male tried to carjack a sheriff’s deputy as a swarming crowd kicked and punched the deputy’s patrol vehicle amid a street takeover earlier this month, police said.

The teen allegedly opened the driver’s door of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department vehicle and attempted “to overtake the deputy and his patrol unit” at a Highland intersection, the Associated Press reported, citing a Thursday sheriff’s department statement.

‘These individuals are not afraid of law enforcement, and their behavior is very disturbing.’

The deputy was able to close the door and drive away from the melee shortly after midnight May 11, the AP reported, adding that video detectives obtained shows an “unruly” crowd pounding on the deputy’s window and kicking the vehicle, leaving a cracked front windshield.

The outlet, citing the sheriff’s department statement, said about 100 gathered at the intersection for an illegal street takeover, and a fire hydrant was opened in order to give easier skids to participating vehicles.

The 15-year-old male was arrested at his home in Menifee on suspicion of attempted carjacking and felony vandalism, the AP reported.

Gloria Huerta, a department spokesperson, told the outlet the deputy’s decision to drive away likely was the safest choice: “These individuals are not afraid of law enforcement, and their behavior is very disturbing.”

How are observers reacting?

Over 1,000 comments and counting are underneath the AP story in Yahoo News, and as you might expect, the comment authors are none too pleased with the teen in question — nor with the direction American society is heading:

  • “Charge him as an adult, don’t release him without a high bail, don’t go easy on him by taking him by the hand and walking him out of jail,” one commenter wrote. “Teens nowadays don’t worry about any consequences because the DAs pamper them. If they’re willing to do the crime, then they should be willing to do the time with harden[ed] felons.”
  • “It’s California,” another commenter stated, adding that “charges will be dropped, and this behavior will continue until laws are changed where people will face consequences for breaking the law. Wouldn’t be surprised if [the] officer in [the] car wasn’t used as a scapegoat and accused of starting all the trouble. Sad at how our laws have changed to where criminals have more rights than people who obey the law.”
  • “Has anyone noticed that the kids went [off] the deep end once our government said they couldn’t be hit/spanked anymore?” another commenter asked. “Same time school shootings started to happen? I was punished with the belt numerous times, we had guns in the truck when we went to school, we all had pocket knives, nobody was ever stabbed. I really don’t believe any of this is a coincidence.”

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