‘Foreigners Out’: German EDM Song With Nationalist Lyrics ‘Auslander Raus’ Becomes a Sensation Among Youth – Police to Crack Down on ‘Racism’ (VIDEOS)


Germany is the fatherland of unchecked mass migration, the suicidal set of EU policies that were once forcefully championed by former Chancellor Angela Merkel, the woman that became the symbol of the destruction of the European nations’ social tissue via an uncontrolled flux of foreigners.

Is anyone surprised that importing culturally disparate economic migrants by the millions would create a strong backlash?

Did they expect the European peoples’ to just lay down and die?

Breitbart reports that ‘Young people are the most right-wing generation in Germany’. That seems an inevitable consequence.

And now, a great controversy has arisen as a ‘eurodance rave classic with reworked lyrics calling for foreigners to be deported’ has become a youth anthem, leading the country’s ‘authorities’ to plan to intervene.

Because, of course, the main civic duty Europe demands of its subjects is the acceptance of migrants – whatever the cost.

“German youth are increasingly right wing and the anti-mass migration AfD party is now the most popular among 14 to 29-year-olds, recent polling shows. While this may have an impact at the ballot box — Germany and its neighbors vote in the EU elections in two weeks — it is also emerging in culture.

German politicians and media have reacted with outrage several times in the past year as video clips of young people dancing and singing along to a song proclaiming ‘Deutschland den Deutschen, Ausländer Raus’, ‘Germany for the Germans, foreigners out’, keep emerging. The latest such instance which has again set fingers wagging comes from an apparently exclusive nightclub on the German holiday island of Sylt.”

Are they moving their hand in dance moves or are they ‘Hitler salutes’? The question is burning through German media.

“Germany’s federal security police, which normally concerns itself with terrorism and international crime gangs is investigating the young people singing, reports Die Welt. German journalist and ‘diversity consultant’ Ferda Ataman who was appointed the government’s Federal Commissioner for Anti-Discrimination in 2022 said the song being sung showed ‘people are being discriminated against and degraded’.”

It’s an incredible irony that the German establishment that will now persecute young people for singing and dancing to a song that may or not be unkind to strangers – suspected Nazis, right? – is the very same establishment that sends untold billions in aid to real-life, present-day Azov Nazis in Ukraine.

“The song itself is not an original composition, but rather is the transposition of the controversial lyrics onto a popular nightclub hit, DJ Gigi D’Agostino’s L’amour toujours, released in 2000. The electronic dance music (EDM) song became a popular track for European DJs and a remix hit number one in Germany in 2018. The new connection with right-wing politics has seen some nightclub owners and DJs vow to stop playing the song.”

When it comes to young people, once you make something forbidden, you are only adding to attraction. “Threats of arrests or not, it remains the case that young German people are shifting considerably to the right.”

Right-Wing Germany (AfD) party has become the favorite party of 14-to-29 year olds, support having more than doubled in two years.

We haven’t heard the last of Ausländer Raus.

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