Popcorn: Hunter Biden’s Ex-Stripper Baby Mama to Publish Tell-All in August

The 2024 United States Presidential Election Circus continues to keep all three rings busy 24/7 with stuff to watch. The one certainty that we can count on is that we are not going to be bored between now and November. 


One of the biggest assists that Joe Biden got from mainstream and social media in 2020 was the brutal effectiveness with which they swept the news of his boy Hunter’s laptop under the rug. In fact, they insisted that it wasn’t even real. If any of us in conservative media dared mention it, we were silenced and de-platformed. Even the New York Post got booted from social media for having the audacity to publish the very real news about it. 

Whether it would have changed anything is impossible to know now, but the unmitigated sleaziness of Hunter Biden might have been off-putting to those soccer moms who flocked to his daddy in that election. 

Even Joe Biden’s Department of Justice head goon Merrick Garland couldn’t keep Hunter away from a reckoning, although he did try. Victoria wrote the other day that the formerly fake laptop is so real that it’s going to be evidence in his gun trial. 

The judge in that trial ruled that many aspects of Hunter Biden’s wilder days couldn’t be discussed. Well, one of them is going to get some airtime later this summer. 

Radar Online

Lunden Roberts shares never-before-read details about her tumultuous relationship with first son Hunter Biden in an explosive memoir to be released this fall with dozens of stories that “make the laptop debacle seem routine,” RadarOnline.com can reveal.

Roberts, who welcomed a child out of wedlock with the embattled 54-year-old, said she initially had a good impression of Hunter as a guy “I want to get to know better” after moving to Washington D.C. from Arkansas to pursue a graduate program.


Ever the slimeball, rich boy Biden spent a long time trying to weasel out of child support by denying the child was his. Proving that he’s the scumbag tree that his rotten apple son didn’t fall far from, Joe Biden continues to pretend that the girl doesn’t exist.

That would be the same Joe Biden who was sold to voters in 2020 as a kindly grandpa. 

Early voting has pretty much killed the old “October Surprise” option in presidential elections. The book is scheduled to be released in August, which will give it a lot of time to be talked and written about by media that isn’t Dem-friendly. 

The Democrats’ flying monkeys in the mainstream media will no doubt work hard to ignore it, but it’s gotten more difficult for them to run interference for Hunter. The non-Coastal Media Bubble public seems to be only allowing them to create one purely fictional Biden, and that’s “The Big Guy.” The repurposing of Hunter Biden as the sweet guy in recovery who turned to art to exorcise his demons has largely been a bust for most regular Americans. 

Whether daddy and his handlers like it or not, Hunter Biden’s huge body of sordid work will continue to be a much bigger story in 2024 than they’d hoped it would.


There’s just so much of it. 

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