WATCH: Did Biden Fall Asleep at Memorial Day Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery?

Polls continually show that voters think that Joe Biden is too old, weak, and cognitively impaired to be president. They’re right, of course, and the Biden campaign hilariously attempts to flip the script on the age issue. Biden’s social media feeds are full of posts desperately trying to push the narrative that Trump is the old, weak candidate — including reports alleging that Trump was falling asleep while in court.


What’s not so funny, however, is that Biden appears to have fallen asleep during the Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday.

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“A video appearing to show President Biden with his eyes shut for an extended period during a Memorial Day event on Monday has been widely shared on social media, with conservative activists alleging he was sleeping during an address by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin,” reports Newsweek

Ahead of their likely presidential rematch in November, Donald Trump, 77, has focused heavily on the cognitive faculties of 81-year-old Biden, branding him “sleepy Joe.” However, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee himself has been accused of falling asleep during his ongoing hush money trial in Manhattan, though he strongly denied this on his Truth Social website.

What do you think? 

This is not the first time Biden has appeared to fall asleep in the middle of an event. Last year, he went to Hawaii to speak with survivors of the Maui wildfires, and video of the event captured him nodding off while survivors were speaking about the traumatic losses they’d experienced.


Biden also shamelessly compared Maui residents losing their homes and possessions to a small kitchen fire. “I don’t want to compare difficulties, but we have a little sense — Jill and I — what it’s like to lose a home,” he said. “I almost lost my wife, my ’67 Corvette, and my cat.”

Not even close. 

Biden also appears to have dozed off during the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, back in 2021—though who could blame him for that?

Biden seemed to nearly fall asleep while meeting with Israel President Isaac Herzog in July of last year.


It’s insulting that Joe Biden can’t show the fallen members of our military the respect they deserve by staying awake during the Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington, and it’s also pathetic that the Biden campaign thinks that it can flip the script on the age issue when Biden has an extensive history of living up to his nickname “Sleepy Joe.”

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