California police say man won’t face charges after shooting and killing home intruder who was an ex-boyfriend of his girlfriend

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A California man will not face charges after shooting and killing his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend who had broken into their apartment, according to police.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said officers responded to a call about a shooting at about 2 in the morning early on Sunday at the Sutter Crossing Apartments complex in Carmichael, a city in Sacramento County.

‘He’s entitled to defend himself and kill that intruder.’

Police said that they found a man who had been shot dead, and he was identified as an ex-boyfriend of a woman who lived in the apartment. The ex allegedly banged on the door for 20 minutes before the woman opened the door and he forced his way in.

The man then got into a fight with the woman’s current boyfriend before he shot the home intruder, according to the sheriff’s office.

The current boyfriend told police that he was choked by the ex before he retrieved his gun from beneath his pillow and shot at the man once. He was declared dead at the scene.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office determined that the shooter should not face charges after receiving the investigative report from police.

The sheriff’s office said that the current boyfriend called the police and that they were cooperating with the investigation. Officials added that the gun was licensed and registered to the shooter.

A local attorney named Michael Wise told KOVR-TV that California has “stand your ground” protections in the law.

“If this gentleman was presented with a lethal threat that he did not trigger in any way, then he’s entitled to defend himself and kill that intruder,” Wise explained.

“Ironically you can still be charged for illegal possession of a firearm if you’re not allowed to possess one,” he added, “but the actual use of deadly force to defend yourself is still justified even if you use a weapon that is not registered in California or if you’re not allowed to possess one.”

KOVR reported that many in the neighborhood were stunned to find that the shooter was not charged, and they said they knew the victim well. None of those involved were publicly identified, but the victim’s name will be released after the medical examiner contacts his next of kin.

Carmichael is a city of about 80k residents located 10 miles northeast of Sacramento.

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