‘Depraved’ California Democrats vote to keep illegal immigrant pedophiles in America

California State Assemblyman Bill Essayli (R) recently proposed a bill that would have bypassed California’s sanctuary state laws only for illegals who harm children.

While it seemed like a shoe in, every single state Democrat voted against the motion.

“I was inspired by two specific cases that we had coming out of the state of California,” Essayli tells Glenn Beck.

In one of those cases, a Colombian illegal immigrant raped a 14-year-old girl. While ICE wanted to deport the illegal, under California law it is illegal for the sheriff or any law enforcement to honor an ICE request or cooperate in any way with immigration officials.

The immigrant was picked up later in Boston, Massachusetts, where he was eventually deported.

“That’s what first inspired this bill. I said why does the state of California’s laws protect pedophiles? Why would we do this?” Essayli explains, adding, “All the law says is we’re rolling back sanctuary state as it applies to child sex offenders. If you’ve been convicted of committing a sex offense against a minor, you are required to comply with immigration official orders.”

The law wouldn’t open up the sanctuary state for anything else other than convicted pedophiles.

“Of course, if I was running the place I’d reverse the whole policy, but I said you know what, we’re only 18 out of 80 in here, we’re not controlling policy. Let’s get them on record, let’s expose the Democrat Party for who they are,” Essayli continues. “They are more concerned about protecting illegal immigrant pedophiles than they are about doing the right thing and protecting American citizens.”

Just last week, Essayli recalls, there was an illegal immigrant driving up and down the streets of LA, picking up women and young children and raping them in a “rape van.”

“He’s an illegal immigrant, and he is currently protected under our state laws from deportation,” Essayli says, disturbed.

Glenn agrees, telling Essayli that “California has just become depraved.”

“The only way to describe what is happening is true evil,” he adds.

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