EU’s terrifying new ESG rule could affect American companies, give them social credit scores

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The European Union has just given its final approval for new ESG requirements that will affect companies around the world.

While the rule is directly pointed at companies that sell half a billion dollars’ worth of product, any company — no matter how small — that does business with those companies will have to comply with the new rules as well.

Covered companies will be required to submit reports to the European government authorities if they are EU-based with more than a thousand employees and a worldwide revenue of more than $489 million.

Glenn Beck
has been warning about this law for years, and according to him, there’s now only one way to stop it.

“Now it is one of the biggest threats to freedom in America, both in the short and the long term,” Glenn warns, explaining that “our society, through corporate decision-making and business partnerships, are going to be forced to conform with the European rules, values, and environmental standards.”

Because the law will affect American companies as well, social justice metrics have to officially be imposed on America.

“The only thing that will change this is if Congress acts and the president acts. This president, and at least this Senate, will never stop this,” Glenn says.

“Remember,” he continues, “ESG is environmental, social, and governance. So do you have enough, you know, gay, black hermaphrodites that only have one leg? Do you have them on your board? Well, why not? That’s your governance part.”

It gets worse.

“This new law includes hundreds of vague statements and references to existing international agreements and EU regulations. Many of those are also long agreements featuring many more rules such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights,” Glenn explains.

Because of the complexity and expansiveness of the rules, “the total number of social credit scoring metrics included in this law is currently unknown.”

“Let me say that again: The total number of social credit scoring metrics included in this law is currently unknown,” Glenn adds, horrified.

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