Illegal aliens’ attempted breach of military base was ‘dry run’ for future attack, says former staffer

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Dave Katz, a former federal firearms instructor who worked at Marine Corps Base Quantico near Triangle, Virginia, toldFox News Digital that the attempted breach of the base earlier this month by two foreign nationals may have been a “dry run” for a future attack.

Katz, a former DEA agent and the CEO and founder of Global Security Group, warned that a similar, more dangerous incident could occur again. He told Fox News Digital, “Driving the box truck was a dry run for driving a box truck that was not going to be empty the second time.”

“Can I prove that? No. But it’s like the 9/11 hijackers trying to get aboard planes with box cutters on other occasions prior to actually perpetrating the act,” he added.

‘This would be the very first terror attack on US soil from somebody who crossed the border illegally.’

Katz called the incident at the military base the “equivalent of a feasibility study” for the two Jordanian nationals who allegedly executed the stunt.

On May 3, two males driving a box truck attempted to enter the base when they were stopped by security,Blaze News previously reported. The men told the guards they were contracted drivers trying to complete an Amazon delivery. After failing to produce proper identification, law enforcement authorities instructed the men to wait in a holding area so that a secondary check could be conducted.

Captain Michael Curtis toldPotomac Local News, the local media outlet that first reported the incident, that the men ignored the guard’s instructions and attempted “to move the vehicle past the holding area.”

Authorities quickly engaged the vehicle-denial barriers, preventing the box truck from proceeding. Curtis reported that the two men were turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It has since been confirmed that both of the individuals were in the United States illegally.

One of the men illegally crossed the southern border into California in April, while the other male was in the country with an expired student visa.

Katz told Fox News Digital that he is skeptical of the men’s cover story.

“A student overstay somehow gets in contact with someone illegally crossing into the U.S. on the other side of the country. Both of them wind up in that truck,” Katz stated. “There is no possible explanation for what happened other than a sinister one.”

“Can anyone come up with any reasonable explanation as to why two illegal aliens from Jordan would be driving a box truck in a sensitive area, other than to try to make a dry run for a future incident?” Katz continued. “If you can’t provide an explanation for that, it’s terror related.”

Fox News Digital reported that neither ICE nor the FBI responded to a request for comment.

The federal government has not announced any evidence of a terrorism motivation, but it has not been ruled out either, Todd Bensman with the Center for Immigration Studies recentlyreported. He believes the incident marks the “first-ever border-crossing terror attack.”

During a recent interview on the “Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz,” Bensman said, “If this is what I strongly believe it is, a terror attack on a highly symbolic U.S. military base … then, this would be the very first terror attack on U.S. soil from somebody who crossed the border illegally.”

Bensman told Horowitz that such an event would be “highly significant in an electoral sense.”

“The Biden administration is already failing on that issue in such a significant way that he could lose the election over the border crisis. If you were to add a terror attack — national security consummation of a national from a terror attack — then, Donald Trump would obviously grab that like a sledgehammer and start swinging it non stop. I don’t think Donald Trump even knows about this yet,” Bensman continued. “But even more important than the political aspect of it is the fact that if they don’t tell us that this wasn’t a terror attack, if they don’t rule it out, or rule it in, and … it just goes away. That means that they are opting to just not fix a major problem at the border.”

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