JUST IN: Crooked Judge Merchan Dismisses Courtroom For the Day – NO VERDICT

Radical NY Judge Juan Merchan

Judge Juan Merchan Wednesday afternoon dismissed the courtroom for the day in Alvin Bragg’s ‘hush money’ lawfare trial against Trump.

Merchan is allowing the jurors to choose ONE of the three predicate crimes. Jurors do NOT have to unanimously agree on which of the three predicate crimes Trump committed.

1. Violations of federal election law

2. The falsification of business records; and

3. Tax violations

Of course, this will make it easier to convict Trump.

No verdict was reached after the jury deliberated for a few hours.

Deliberations will reconvene Thursday morning at 9:30 am ET.

The jury took a break from deliberations to pass Judge Merchan a note.

Note contained four requests:

-David Pecker’s phone conversation with DJT
-David Pecker’s testimony not to sign over ??
-David Pecker testimony on Trump Tower meeting
-Michael Cohen testimony on Trump Tower meeting

At 3:56 pm, a second jury note was received.

A minute later the jury requested to hear Judge Merchan’s instructions again.

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