The ‘Massive Strain’ of Illegal Migration on U.S. School System

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Even the lefty Wall Street Journal is publicizing the huge strain on teachers, resources, and taxpayer dollars caused by the never-ending flood of illegal aliens pouring across Biden’s open border into America. 


The Wall Street Journal explained in a May 25 piece that up to a million illegal alien kids have entered America since 2021, when Biden took office. In Denver schools alone last year, there was a reported budget shortfall of a staggering $17.5 million because of illegals. Of course, Denver is a woke sanctuary city, but illegal aliens are being sent all over the country. Every state is a border state now, and that’s a serious problem for school systems.

WSJ noted that the migrants are “adding financial and logistical strains in communities where they have arrived in large numbers.” Districts now need more staff and teachers to teach English. They also need more space for the new migrant students, and the “promised supplemental federal or state funding” doesn’t always arrive or is delayed.

In Stoughton, Mass., 90 additional students cost $500,000 more for busing and staff. And it’s a problem that will likely grow worse, as leftist Massachusetts is legally required to accept any family that demands shelter there. Breitbart summarized:

For Stoughton, with fewer than 30,000 residents, the mass immigration to their community has made the school district dish out at least half a million dollars in additional costs. State officials said all of the funds will be reimbursed — eventually.


The children arrive not only needing the most basic education but also often help for trauma. “There are huge trauma issues,” the district Superintendent Joseph Baeta told WSJ. “There are students who don’t even have basic skills in their first language. In some cases they have lived in two, three, or four countries and are not even five years old.” And now American taxpayers are on the hook for all the help the kids need.

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The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) previously found a correlation between increasingly impoverished U.S. schools and spiking illegal migration, as Breitbart reported.

Researchers with the Center for Immigration Studies analyzed the impact of mass immigration under the Biden administration, finding that in 2021, 1 in 4 public school students in the United States were from immigrant households — more than double the share in 1990 and over triple from 1980.

According to the researchers, “Immigration has added disproportionately to the number of low-income students in public schools.” They added, “In 2021, 21 percent of public school students from immigrant households lived in poverty and they accounted for 29 percent of all students living below the poverty line.”


Illegal migration costs Americans billions of dollars, and many of the illegals never give back into the system. Fewer than half of the illegals who entered America under Biden are employed, for instance.

U.S. kids are already struggling and many were educationally delayed by COVID-19 lockdowns. We simply cannot afford to keep funding an endless stream of illiterate foreign kids as well.

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