Department of Labor slammed with backlash for calling women ‘menstruators’

The U.S. Department of Labor earned backlash on social media for referring to women as “menstruators.”

“#Menstruation affects half the U.S. workforce but talking about it at work can be taboo. For #MenstrualHygieneDay, here are 5 easy actions employers can take to help menstruators thrive at work,” the department tweeted.

‘They’re called women.’

Both women and men rejected the ridiculous language.

“Insulting that I’m reduced to being a ‘menstruator’ rather than simply a WOMAN because a handful of mentally ill women want to be called men — but still get their periods,” Brianna Lyman wrote in response to the department’s post.

“Joe Biden is once again referring to the women of this country as ‘menstruators’ because his radical base thinks that men can menstruate. Remember when he said he would be a ‘moderate?'” GOP Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois declared.

Guy Benson tweeted, “They’re called women. That a tiny fraction of biological females identify as males does not mean that we need to replace the word ‘women,’ or uproot our whole language to try to satisfy the capricious demands of a fringe. And it’s not transphobic to say so. Stop it.”

“Defund your worthless agency yesterday,” Tom Elliott tweeted.

A post on the Labor Department’s blog suggested that employers could take actions to “make workplaces more menstruation-friendly,” such as allowing for uniform “options in dark colors,” offering paid sick leave while stipulating “that menstruation is a qualifying condition for the leave,” and providing “period products in bathrooms.”

The blog post was authored by two individuals who are policy analysts with the department’s Women’s Bureau.

“The Women’s Bureau champions policies and standards that safeguard the interests of working women, advocates for the equality and economic security of women and their families, and promotes quality work environments,” according to the department.

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