Gallant says Israel will forge on in Rafah despite UN world court demanding ceasefire

Gallant says Israel will forge on in Rafah despite UN world court demanding ceasefire

Israel is eager to finish the job it started in Gaza by completing its controversial ground invasion of Rafah.

After rockets rained down on Tel Aviv this week for the first time in about four month months, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant blamed Rafah for the attacks while simultaneously vowing to have Israel Defense Forces (IDF) forge even deeper into the southern Gaza enclave, this despite a ceasefire order from the United Nations (UN) World Court (ICJ) and other international bodies.

“Our goals in Gaza are emphasized here in Rafah: to destroy Hamas, return the hostages and maintain freedom of operation,” Gallant told Israeli troops.

“Regarding the hostage issue – we are making tremendous efforts and will continue to do so, via both physical activities and by reaching agreements.”

Gallant also said he will continue to carry out Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s order to not stop the war until Hamas is fully eradicated.

“Remember: your job is to eliminate Hamas, to win this war,” Gallant continued. “Our job is to take it [your achievement] and take it to the next level in Gaza and across the Middle East. These issues are connected.”

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Rafah, the last stronghold of Hamas

After sustaining eight rocket attacks in central Israel, which resulted in at least one Israeli house being damaged, Israeli leaders reiterated their call for total victory in Gaza.

Not only is Rafah believed to be the last place where Hamas militants are hiding, but Israel also says it is among the last locations where major rocket stockpiles still exist.

It is also possible that Hamas is still manufacturing rockets in Rafah, though the IDF believes it has probably already destroyed all of the weapons-manufacturing factories.

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In a post on Telegram, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, one of the armed wings of Hamas, posted that it targeted Tel Aviv “with a large rocket barrage in response to the Zionist massacres against civilians.”

Whatever Hamas still has pales in comparison to the advanced weaponry that Israel possesses, which is upsetting to some who say that this is all just a smokescreen so Israel can take the land.

“In truth, Hamas has a pittance of weaponry and the Israelis are slaughtering and starving the one million refugees they drove into Rafah,” one commenter wrote.

“It really is David versus Goliath,” responded another.

“Videos of the attack on the refugee camp show bodies charred beyond recognition still crawling in the fire, a man carrying a beheaded child, blood-curdling cries of grief as the demonic night hellscape from 2,000-pound bombs dropped on TENTS and CHILDREN becomes clear,” wrote another about what is said to be happening in Rafah right now.

Another shared the following post from X:

Another expressed support for Israel, calling Hamas “scum” and stating that the war “will not be over until every Hamas and Hamas supporter is dead.”

“Any chance that IDF operatives are firing rockets at Tel Aviv?” asked another in speculation as to a possible false flag taking place this week. “For the greater good, of course.”

“Gallant the war criminal,” wrote another.

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