NBA star Dwyane Wade and trans ‘daughter’ create ‘online community’ for grooming children

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NBA champ Dwyane Wade and his son turned “daughter” are launching a new program to groom children into the trans lifestyle called Translatable.

The program is in the form of a new online community designed to support transgender children and their families.

“‘Translatable’ aims to serve as a community safe space for youth to express themselves through a number of creative outlets. Here at ‘Translatable’ we focus on communities of color, center the most marginalized, and emphasize the importance of parents and family,” his “daughter” said in a promotional video as Wade stood behind her.

“‘Translatable’ is also a resource hub for parents, families, and support system of the LGBTQIA+ youth. For our family, we were blessed to have a community of supporters and knowledgeable experts who could swiftly arm us with the tools we needed to support Zaya in her journey,” Wade said, following his “daughter’s” message.

Shemeka Michelle believes what Wade is doing needs to be talked about — and not in a positive light like the mainstream media is.

“This website is designed for youth,” Michelle says. “I can’t understand why we are pushing this on young kids. You can’t drive until you’re 16, you can’t vote until you’re 18, you can’t smoke. I mean, you can’t drink until you’re 21.”

“Why are we letting children make such a grave decision so young?” she asks, noting that Wade let his son decide he was a girl when he was only 12 years old.

Jason Whitlock

“That video legitimately hurt my stomach,” Whitlock says. “How did we get here, where our athletic, alleged heroes, you know, masculine heroes, are the leaders of this kind of delusion? It just upsets me.”

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