‘Real Verdict’ Is Nov. 5: Trump Reacts to Jury’s Guilty Verdict

After being convicted on all counts in a politically-fueled trial in New York with a corrupt judge and a Soros-backed prosecutor, Donald Trump vowed, “We’ll keep fighting. We’ll fight till the end and we’ll win because our country’s gone to hell.” 


Trump argued that the real verdict is not the one from the jury, but the election results from the American people on Nov. 5, 2024. “This was a disgrace. This was a rigged trial by a conflicted judge who was corrupt. It’s a rigged trial, a disgrace,” Trump emphasized. He specifically called out the Biden administration, saying the trial was a partisan effort to hurt Biden’s main presidential opponent—namely, Trump himself.

The former president listed reasons he thought the trial was unfair. “They wouldn’t give us a venue change. We were at 5% or 6% in this district, in this area. This was a rigged, disgraceful trial that the real verdict is going to be November 5th, by the people,” he stated. “And they know what happened here, and everybody knows what happened here. You have a Soros-backed DA, and the whole thing — we didn’t do a thing wrong.”

Trump said, “I’m a very innocent man, and it’s okay. I’m fighting for our country. I’m fighting for our Constitution. Our whole country is being rigged right now. This was done by the Biden administration in order to wound or hurt an opponent, a political opponent, and I think it’s just a disgrace. And we’ll keep fighting. We’ll fight till the end, and we’ll win because our country’s gone to hell.”

America is not the same country it used to be because of the Biden administration’s disastrous policies and biased lawfare, Trump argued. “We don’t have the same country anymore. We have a divided mess. We’re a nation in decline, serious decline. Millions and millions of people pouring into our country right now from prisons and from mental institutions, terrorists, and they’re taking over our country. We have a country that’s in big trouble, but this was a rigged decision right from day one, with a conflicted judge who should have never been allowed to try this case, never, and we will fight for our Constitution. This is long from over. Thank you very much.”


As PJ Media’s Victoria Taft explained, “Donald Trump was found guilty today of 34 counts of falsifying bookkeeping records” in an overwhelmingly Democrat area, Manhattan. The plan was to label Trump a convicted felon to help boost Biden’s pathetic campaign, and the judge, jury, prosecution, and Team Biden achieved just that.

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