Summer of rage 2.0 incoming? Protesters set sights on Chicago DNC

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Biden and the Democratic Party are doing everything they can to appease the radical pro-Palestine, anti-Israel wing of the left. However, as the protesters’ demands grow louder, they may be in for a rude awakening come the Democratic National Convention in August — which they’re choosing to have in Chicago.

Chicago doesn’t just have an insane crime rate. It also has the largest Palestinian population in the United States.

Counterterrorism expert and Capital Research Center investigative researcher Ryan Mauro is concerned, not just for Chicago but for the country.

“This is wholly dominated by militant revolutionists as well as Islamist extremists,” Mauro tells Glenn Beck, explaining that they’re all “coming together under this anti-colonial, revolutionary narrative.”

“They’re saying that like every day, that this is not just about Israel,” he adds.

“I want to get this straight,” Glenn responds. “Communists, anarchists, Islamists are all coming together to work to destroy maybe the Western way of life?”

“Yes,” Mauro says, noting that it’s “very possible” this summer’s riots will be worse than previous ones.

“They’re talking about especially the first week of July, blocking ports, trying to interrupt any type of shipping that could be going to Israel, a lot of anti-police activity,” he explains. “And then there’s just a lot of chatter about the DNC convention in August.”

“They’re going to regret choosing Chicago,” Mauro says. “It’s like a headquarters for all these radical groups, where they come together. I don’t know who their security consultant was, but man did they make a bad call.”

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