EU states considering SANCTIONS against Israel for defiance against ICJ ceasefire order

EU states considering SANCTIONS against Israel for defiance against ICJ ceasefire order

If Israel defies the International Court of Justice (ICJ) order to halt its military operation in Rafah, European Union (EU) foreign ministers could sanction the Jewish state.

Irish Foreign Minister Michael Martin says he and his counterparts are seriously considering, for the first time ever, penalizing Israel for refusing to comply with the ICJ’s order to guarantee humanitarian aid and unhindered entry into the enclave for those investigating claims of genocide.

According to ICJ President Nawaf Salam, Israel must abide by international law or else face a potentially sanctions-based strategy to bring the Middle Eastern nation-state back in line.

The Palestinian Civil Defense Service says that Israel’s most recent bombing of a refugee camp in Rafah resulted in at least 40 deaths and many more injuries. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the incident “tragic,” reassuring the world that an investigation is currently underway.

“I condemn Israel’s actions which killed scores of innocent civilians who were only seeking shelter from this deadly conflict,” tweeted United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres about the attack.

“There is no safe place in Gaza,” he added before proceeding to demand an end to “this horror.”

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EU foreign policy head says Netanyahu must be arrested

Even though Israel insists it is not bound by international law, the Jewish state is, in fact, bound by the Rome Statute. And because Israel is currently in violation of the Rome Statute, Netanyahu faces arrest should he leave Israel.

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EU foreign policy head Josep Borrell announced that EU members have a duty to arrest Netanyahu following the issuance of arrest warrants by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

All countries in the EU save for Turkey and Ukraine are bound by the Rome Statute, Borrell said in a public announcement.

Not only Netanyahu but also Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant will need to be arrested the moment either of them tries to enter any country in Europe, Borrell reiterated.

“I take note of the decision of the ICC Prosecutor to apply for warrants of arrest before Pre-Trial Chamber I of the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif, Ismail Haniyeh, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Yoav Gallant,” Borrell said, the other names on the arrest list being top Hamas leaders who are also guilty of war crimes.

“The mandate of the ICC, as an independent international institution, is to prosecute the most serious crimes under international law,” he added in an X post. “All States that have ratified the ICC statutes are bound to execute the Court’s decisions.”

The ICC in its own statement explained its jurisdiction in prosecuting “crimes against humanity,” which it described as “serious violations committed as part of a large-scale attack against any civilian population.”

The Rome Statute outlines 15 different types of crimes against humanity including murder, rape, imprisonment, enforced disappearances, enslavement – particularly of women and children – sexual slavery, torture, apartheid and deportation.

What this all means is that Israel’s top leaders will not be allowed to leave the Jewish nation-state unless they want to be arrested. As usual, Israel is calling the ruling “antisemitic,” adding that the White House “rejects” it as well.

The ICC’s probe into Israel actually began back in 2014. It was followed by a new war crimes case filed by South Africa after the October 7 incident that set this all off.

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