NewsBusters Podcast: Media React to Guilty Trump: Faux Sobriety, Gleeful, Hunger for More

The last 24 hours have been like drinking water out of a firehose for us here at NewsBusters as the liberal media have been sounding off nearly non-stop on former President Trump being found guilty on 34 felony counts. Managing Editor Curtis Houck and I pour out the media reactions into their respective buckets ranging from gleeful to a hunger for harsher punishments to a faux-sobriety that everyone can see through.

Houck notes that the faux-sobriety bucket was occupied by the likes of CBS’s Special Report where the panel of anchors and correspondents opined on the “extraordinary” moment America could herself in and the “enormous gravity” of the situation.

In that bucket, I include CNN’s Jake Tapper who has a personal hatred of Trump but pretended like he was dispassionate about the outcome of the case. I also point out that CNN legal analyst Karen Friedman Agnifilo soiled their coverage with the contents of the second bucket: the hunger for the harshest punishment.

As we discussed, Friedman Agnifilo was joined by the Cackling Coven of ABC’s The View who call for Trump to be sent to Rikers Island and anything short of a prison sentence was somehow special treatment.

As for the third bucket, MSNBC was treating it like a swimming pool. We discuss the blog written by NewsBusters Analyst Alex Christy about the far-left cable outlet waxing poetic about the verdict.

This podcast is chalked full of treats, like Christy’s peace about many liberal outlets falling for a dramatic and buffoonish Trump supporter who turned out to be a phony. Take a listen for the rest!

Enjoy the podcast below or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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