SLEEPING GIANT ACTIVATE: This Poll Isn’t What the Democrats Had in Mind

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Republican voters said in a poll taken before the New York City bookkeeping guilty verdict that if Donald Trump were found guilty, they’d be even more inclined to vote and vote for Trump. Moreover, the NPR/PBS/Marist poll taken last week revealed that seven percent of Democrats were more likely to vote for Trump too. Perhaps more telling is the number of people who say that a guilty verdict will not change their vote. 


Translation: The guilty verdict in the Donald Trump bookkeeping case means nothing to actual voters because they know what’s going on here. 

People of all walks of life and belief systems apparently don’t like tyranny. Please excuse the language. 

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), a very smart person, wondered if the American people would finally discover what Trump’s underlying crime was. 

Unsolved mystery. 

[Editor’s note: language warning on a couple of the tweets below.]

“Breaker of Narratives,” Don Lucre, with 1.3 million followers on X said he and other black people will vote for Trump over this. 

Chad Prather speaks for many when he said on X: “I voted for Donald Trump two times, and I will be voting for Donald Trump a third time in November.” 


And now that the hypothetical question posed in the poll is a reality, it’s possible that the numbers will be bigger than the poll reflects.

And here comes the re-election poster.

This is what the numbers reveal:

Democrats told the pollsters that 7% were more inclined to vote for Trump if he were found guilty. Another 27% said they would be less likely, but 65% said they wouldn’t change their vote at all. Donald Trump would gladly take that 7% off of Joe Biden any day. 

The GOP numbers were more forgiving, as one might expect, with 25% saying they’d be more likely to vote for him in November. Another 10% said they’d be less likely, and 64% said they wouldn’t change their vote. That’s a possible 3% loss of GOP votes net for Trump, if this holds when reality hits the fan. 

But check out the independent voters, 15% of whom told the pollsters they would be more likely to vote for Trump and 74% said his conviction wouldn’t change their vote. Eleven percent of independents said they’d be less likely to vote for him with a conviction. 

Of non-white Americans, 22% said they’d be more inclined to vote for Trump, and 23% said they’d be less inclined to vote for him after a guilty verdict. 

Overall, 67% of registered voters will stand pat with their vote regardless of Trump’s travails in the courtroom. 


It sure doesn’t seem to be the big bump that Democrats believed they would get from putting Trump in an orange jumpsuit. 

We’ll find out for sure in the most important poll in November.  

PJ Media’s reporting on the Trump trial has been terrific, and we’ll keep telling you the real story and not act as political fluffers just to get invited to fancy cocktail parties. We’ll make our own martinis, single malts, and beer, thank you very much. 

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