‘An Appeal to Heaven’ Hoists High the Left’s Disturbed Ideology

Lost in the five-week bruhaha of the Trump witchhunt trial was the story of the Left’s continued attacks on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and his wife, Martha-Ann Alito. Apparently, the story began in early 2021 during the dust-up surrounding the results of the 2020 election.


According to The New York Times, Fairfax County police received a call from the Alito’s new leftist neighbors, Emily Baden and her boyfriend, complaining “they were being harassed by the wife of a Supreme Court justice.”

“Somebody in a position of authority needs to talk to her and make her stop,” said the neighbor making the complaint. The officer was unable to resolve the situation for the couple because “yelling is not a crime.”

The couple said they called the police “after a series of encounters with Mrs. Alito… had gone from uneasy to ugly.” What the neighbors failed to mention was that they themselves had instigated months-long hostility in the quiet Alexandria neighborhood by placing numerous pro-BLM and obscenity-laced anti-Trump and anti-Republican political signs in their yard in an attempt to anger the Alitos. 

Baden admitted to calling the justice’s wife the C-word. In true leftist form, they’re the victims here, don’t you know?

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According to CNN, in response, Mrs. Alito then made the “provocative” decision to fly the American upside down for a time at her home as an indication of her distress over the tense situation with her neighbors. The Left, however, happily twisted the historic symbol of maritime distress to connect the Alitos to the “right-wing insurrection” of January 6. 


“The inverted flag became a symbol for supporters of former President Donald Trump,” noted CNN because it “was seen during the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.”

Three years later, that neighborhood spat over political signs has yet again been resurrected and so has the flag controversy twisted by the Left’s warped ideological view of all things American history.

Recently, photos have surfaced showing Martha-Ann Alito also flew the historic early-American ‘An Appeal to Heaven’ flag at her vacation home in New Jersey. Right on cue, the Left bastardized this historic American symbol that dates back to the times of America’s first president, George Washington, and our nation’s revolutionary founding.

This time around, not only is the Left trying to tie the Alitos to Trump and the “insurrection” but also to so-called Christian Nationalism. The Left claims that the white flag with a green pine tree and the words “An Appeal to Heaven” at its top now represents “a religious strand of the ‘Stop the Steal’ campaign and a push to remake American government in religious terms.”

Calling the An Appeal to Heaven flag “provocative” demonstrates how very little the Left understands us on the Right. It seems to me that Mrs. Alito raised the flag in an exasperating attempt to signal her displeasure at her neighbor’s personal attacks and as a call to look to God when things get tough. 


The Left doesn’t believe in God though. They believe in the false gods of Progressive tolerance intolerance, climate change, and following The Science. And ultimately all of their gods serve to support and further their own leftist power.

Not to worry, though. We know the Left doesn’t hate all flags, just the patriotic and pro-American ones. They’re perfectly happy to have flags from anti-American and even terrorist groups like Hamas, Palestine, Antifa, and Al-Qa’ida flying high at their “mostly peaceful” protests.

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