Biden’s Reaction to a Question About Trump Being a ‘Political Prisoner’ Says EVERYTHING

On Friday, Trump’s campaign warned Biden to “buckle up” after the sham verdict was announced.

“Crooked Joe Biden and the Democrats confined President Trump to a courtroom for more than eight hours a day for more than six weeks, and he’s still winning,” Trump campaign spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt told Fox News Digital. “Now that he is fully back on the campaign trail, Biden and the Democrats better buckle up.” 


Joe Biden also broke his silence on Donald Trump’s trial and the verdict on Friday and condemned Trump’s claims that the trial was rigged against him.

“It’s reckless, it’s dangerous, it’s irresponsible for anyone to say this was rigged just because they don’t like the verdict. Our justice system has endured for nearly 250 years, and it literally is the cornerstone of America. Our justice system, that justice should be respected. And we should never allow anyone to tear it down. It’s as simple as that. That’s America. That’s who we are. And that’s who will always be, God willing.”

That’s an amusing take from someone who repeatedly attacks the legitimacy of the Supreme Court just because he doesn’t like its rulings. Heck, Joe Biden is literally the same guy who, upon taking office, considered packing the court with liberals just because he didn’t like the ideological balance of the court.

Don’t be fooled by anyone on the left claiming that the Trump trial wasn’t political. Even CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria said, “I doubt the New York indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Donald Trump.” Not only did Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg run on a platform of getting Trump, but the judge in the case, Juan Merchan, is a Biden donor. The jury pool came from a jurisdiction that is roughly 90% anti-Trump.


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Of course, we’ve discussed those details plenty of times already. The point is: we know the trial was political, and experts on both sides of the aisle know it too. There’s no use in pretending that it was on the level, or that the Biden administration wasn’t involved.

And Biden knows this as well. And Biden all but admitted it in a brief moment after he spoke.

“Mr. President, can you tell us, sir, Donald Trump refers to himself as a political prisoner and blames you directly. What’s your response to that, sir?” a reporter asked as Biden was walking away.

Biden stopped, turned, and smirked before leaving the room.

After watching that video, can you honestly say that Biden and his administration had nothing to do with Trump’s legal troubles? He couldn’t even hide his amusement, like he’d gotten away with something and desperately wanted to brag about it. And this man, who had just claimed to have faith in our justice system, and expects us to have faith in our justice system, had the gall to smile when asked if Trump is a political prisoner?


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