Dershowitz: It’s a Day After the Ruling and I Still Don’t Know What the Crime Is – Merchan Took This a Step Further than Stalin – Supreme Court Should See This Case and Reverse This Case

Harvard law professor says Judge Merchan’s antics are worse than what we saw with Joseph Stalin.

Harvard law professor and author Alan Dershowitz weighed in on the Trump convictions by a corrupt court, a biased jury, and and criminal judge on Thursday.

Dershowitz pointed out what all of us are wondering – we still don’t know the crime President Trump allegedly committed.

As the Democrat operatives’ case against President Trump wound down last week the prosecution still had not defined the alleged criminal act that President Trump allegedly committed. But it didn’t matter. The court was ready to find Trump guilty and send him to prison.

Corrupt anti-Trump Judge Juan Merchan told the jury during instructions before their deliberation that they can consider whether the defendant violated any of the following laws:

1. Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) (federal election campaign law)
2. Falsification of Business Records
3. Tax Laws

Judge Merchan also told the jury they need not agree to what crime was committed. They just had to feel like a criminal act was committed to find President Trump guilty. This was one of the greatest bastardizations of the justice system in US history.

We still don’t know what the jury decided. We still don’t know what crime was committed. It’s been two days now and the court has not defined what law was broken. The judge and jury never told us!

Alan Dershowitz pointed this out on Friday.

Alan Dershowitz: I want to say right now, I side with President Trump’s assessment of the judicial system more than President Biden’s assessment. I’m a liberal Democrat. I voted for Biden. Biden is dead wrong. We should not respect the legal system that is rigged. In my book, Get Trump, I predicted months before this case ever came to trial that it was a foregone conclusion there’d be a conviction. A biased judge, a biased jury, a biased prosecutor, a man who ran for office on the theory of, let’s find a crime to prosecute Trump for, and they couldn’t find the crime, so they made it up.

We’re now a day after the verdict. I’ve known criminal law. I’ve been involved in criminal law for 60 years. I still don’t know what the crime is. Was he found guilty of intending to violate tax laws, to violate the federal election laws, to defraud voters? I still don’t know. And we’re a day after this. This is the most outrageous case. Everybody knows the quote from Lavrentiy Beria, the head of the KGB under Stalin, when Beria said to Stalin, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

He tried to find the crime, and he couldn’t. So he made up the crime. He took it a step further than Stalin and Lavrentiy Beria. This case will go down in history as one of the most abusive prosecutions since the trial of Aaron Burr back in ’18, whatever. This is a stain on our criminal justice system.

Professor Emeritus Dershowitz says the Supreme Court should overturn this case.

Alan Dershowitz: “Again, he was convicted of things that weren’t crimes… I think there’s a way of expediting the appeal, skipping the appellate division, going right to the Court of Appeals, ask for an expedited appeal with a decision within a month, and then take it to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court should take this case, should reverse the conviction, and let the voters decide who should be president without the thumb of an illegal prosecution on the scales of the election.”

If there is any hope for this country’s future – this abomination must be overturned. And Judge Merchan should be the one heading to prison for corrupting our legal system for personal gain.

Via FOX Business Network.

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