‘THIS IS LONDON, NOT LONDONISTAN’: Tommy Robinson Leads Huge Patriotic Rally in Central London to Oppose Mass Immigration


A massive rally took place across central London on Saturday as patriotic Brits voiced their opposition to the mass immigration that has destroyed their beautiful city.

The rally was attended by journalist Andy Ngo, who estimated that between 15,000 and 20,000 people attended in what the liberal media dubbed a “far-right” gathering.

Ngo noted that the rally was attended by English people rather than foreigners, underlining how the native British people are opposed to the mass immigration being forced upon them by globalist elites.

At one point, protesters chanted in support of President Trump following his sham conviction by the Biden regime on charges of falsifying business documents.

Tommy Robinson himself took to the X platform to make clear his “message to the world” that London should remain British rather than becoming an Islamic city.

Other journalists and British patriots took to social media to express their support for the rally.

Antifa thugs and other counter protesters also turned up at the rally, although they failed to disrupt it in any meaningful way.

Conservatives and patriots are waking up across America, Europe, and all around the world.

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