Of Course They’ll Put Trump in Jail

Why wouldn’t Judge Juan Merchan finish the job and add to the left’s glee in calling Donald Trump a “convicted felon” by sentencing him to jail? That fact that Trump’s sentencing is on July 11, mere days before the Republican National Convention, would not impede a judge who, according to Trump attorney Alina Habba, covered his mouth to laugh during his sentencing. It would be no impediment to the hand-picked jurist who allowed prosecutors to hide the underlying “crime” for the entire trial, hide witnesses, and overrule the majority of the defense objections in this goat rodeo. 


What would stop him from jailing Trump? 

The case has horrified believers in the rule of law, without which you cannot have a civil society. It has horrified people who barely paid attention to the trial but gave this judge the benefit of the doubt. Tens of millions of Americans know that this trumped-up case means prosecutors wouldn’t hesitate to do the same to them. 

Nobody is above the law, but Donald Trump is under it, as has been stated a lot recently with good reason. 

Obama’s former Svengali, David Axelrod, told HBO’s Bill Maher that he didn’t think it was a wise idea to put Trump in jail because “it would be worrisome for our country” and “MAGA nation would go nuts.”

“I think there is something about jailing a former president, especially on something like this [and] worrisome for our country,” he gamely said. “And I would really be shocked if this judge gave him a prison sentence for this.” We’ll wait for Axelrod’s look of surprise when Trump is sentenced to jail. 

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But don’t be misled. Axelrod knows that Democrat cranks like Bennie Thompson, he of the January 6 Commission, and other dumb representatives introduced a bill to strip “convicted felon” presidential candidates sentenced to jail from getting Secret Service protection. So they want to kill him, too. 


In the same way the feds got Michael Cohen to plead guilty to elections violations to get a shorter sentence, on unrelated charges, they’ve teed up this case. They’ll send him to jail.  I’d be glad to be wrong.

Would Hillary Clinton stand up for the rule of law for Donald Trump? Of course not. She made up stories about him being a Russian spy and then wrote them off as legal expenses.

Clinton used campaign funds to pay for the Steele dossier, and used a Russian spy to make up a document calling Trump a spy! She used her campaign coffers to pay for this, calling them legal expenses, but was fined $8,000 for violating campaign finance laws. Trump used his own money to pay off Stormy Daniels through his attorney in 2017 to “influence” the 2016 election, then grossed up and plussed up the money to pay Michael Cohen for legal fees for his work, and he is probably going to jail. 

They had to make up stuff to smear Trump. There were hundreds of violent riots at which police officers and Secret Service were injured and hospitalized. Kamala Harris gave them bail money in the unlikely event it was needed. Antifa and BLM tried to attack the White House. And nobody who encouraged unrest — like Harris, Maxine Waters, and Chuck Schumer — was held to account. Trump called for a peaceful rally and made an alleged “bad” phone call and they impeached him.

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Would people who tried to frame Donald Trump, a man running for president, as a Russian spy hesitate to throw him in jail? 

Sunny Hostin of “The View” called a friend at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office who told her that “he believes that they will recommend a one year term in prison. And that is because, when you spend a year in prison in New York or under, you serve in Riker’s Island.” And then she smiled the Joe Biden smile. 

She continued, “And I think [Merchan] has the chutzpah to do that.” 

And as an added bonus, says Hostin, “There’s another thing they will likely recommend is a six month split; six months at Riker’s and then the rest—five years—four-and-a-half years probation.”

All of those prosecutors who contrived this monstrosity of a case, pulling from laws here to add to imagined illegalities there, are totally on board with sending Orange Man to prison. 

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy, a guy who reflexively gives prosecutors the benefit of the doubt, finally had to admit that the entire corrupt process made him re-think how far the left will go to Get Trump—including sending him to jail. 

“If you would have asked me 15, 16, months ago, would this case have happened? I would have said no because it’s too preposterous. 

[The] case not only happened, but it was conducted in this [corrupt] way…that goes beyond my worst fears about it. [No] one should do five minutes [in jail] for this, [but] how can I say that?…[I] can’t say that [Merchan] won’t give him a modest sentence.”


Donald Trump, Jr. spoke to Tucker Carlson on X on the day of the verdict about the prospect of jail.

Tucker But what happens if they can they remand him and put him in jail. 

Donald Trump Jr. Then I imagine they will try, right? I mean. 

Tucker Why wouldn’t they? Yeah. 

Donald Trump Jr. Of course, like, you know, does anyone think. And again, I know that’s too far. It’s too. Yeah. It’s nothing’s too far. And again until it happens everyone. Oh we have to stop giving them the benefit of the doubt, thinking they’re going to act. You know, above board. 

Professors, court watchers, former federal prosecutors, former attorneys general, and people who deal in the legal space all the time blithely assure us with bromides. Sending him to jail is highly unlikely. Sending Trump to jail would be hard for a judge to justify. It would be very hard to send a former president to jail on a records offense. It would create a constitutional crisis. 

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They haven’t noticed that the left has destroyed all norms. Leftists currently going after Trump have pierced attorney-client privilege and destroyed lawyers for representing the wrong client. They will think nothing of putting Trump in jail. 

I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


PJ Media’s reporting on the Trump trial has been terrific. We’ll keep telling you the real story and not act as political fluffers just to get invited to fancy cocktail parties. We’ll make our own martinis and pour our own single malts and beer, thank you very much. 

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