Republican Senator Rand Paul on Trump Verdict: “I Worry About 50 Percent of the Public Believing That the Court System Will be Used Against Them” (VIDEO)


Republican Senator Rand Paul was on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday to discuss the Trump verdict and what it means for America.

“What is your reaction to the conviction?” Maria Bartiromo asked.

“You know, a sad day in America. And what I worry about is something even bigger than Donald Trump. I worry about strife. I worry about war in the streets. I worry about 50 percent of the public believing that the court system will be used against them,” Senator Rand Paul said.

“I worry when half the country thinks they won’t be treated fairly, what happens and how people react,” Senator Paul continued.

Senator Paul also pointed out the inconsistencies of how Hillary Clinton was treated in the past as compared to President Trump.

“If you look at records violations and you look at Hillary Clinton, $8 million expense, and they slapped her on the wrist cause she got an $8 thousand fine,” Senator Paul continued.

“I think Donald Trump is the only person ever prosecuted for this particular crime,” Senator Paul said.


President Trump was found “guilty” on May 30th in only what can be described as a sham trial in a kangaroo court, with one of the most corrupt judges in the entire country presiding over it, Juan Merchan.

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