Exclusive Alex Jones interview, plus: InfoWars survives emergency court hearing where government attorneys demanded court “cease operations at Free Speech Systems”

Exclusive Alex Jones interview, plus: InfoWars survives emergency court hearing where government attorneys demanded court “cease operations at Free Speech Systems”

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An emergency court hearing took place today around 11 am central in the United States District & Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of Texas, under bankruptcy judge Christopher M. Lopez. During the hearing, government attorneys demanded that the court “cease operations at Free Speech Systems,” which would mean putting locks on all the doors, firing all the employees and ultimately liquidating InfoWars broadcast assets. Judge Lopez declined, confirming that InfoWars may stay operational until the larger scheduled hearing on June 14th. Several people were present at the hearing. Transcripts are available for ordering at the “transcript” link at the court’s procedures page:


Judge Lopez will be making a final decision on the fate of InfoWars on June 14th.

IMPORTANT: Judge Lopez has been described by Alex as a fair judge. DO NOT under any circumstances attempt to insult or threaten the court or Judge Lopez. This judge is the bankruptcy judge, not the judge involved in the Sandy Hook civil trial in Connecticut. It is not appropriate to threaten court judges.

AT STAKE: If Sandy Hook families are to receive any payouts at all from the $1+ billion judgment, InfoWars must stay active, viable and profitable, so that profits can be redirected to those families. If InfoWars is shut down and liquidated, all revenue streams will be terminated, the sell-off of equipment will be a small one-time revenue event, and the Sandy Hook families will get essentially nothing.

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The Chief Restructuring Officer in this case, named Patrick Magill, was appointed by the court to oversee the financial activities of InfoWars. Alex accuses Magill of terminating $12 million in InfoWars advertising revenue. We have reached out to Mr. Magill for a statement or response, and so far no response has been received.

Anyone out there still claiming Alex is fabricating all this is flatly uninformed. The attempted government shutdown of InfoWars is very real, the threat is imminent, and there is a very high chance that InfoWars may be ordered closed on June 14th, which means InfoWars may have just two weeks remaining on air, broadcasting from their studios. If InfoWars is silenced, this will be entirely the result of an FBI, DOJ-led operation to recruit Sandy Hook families into a civil action lawsuit that should have been tossed under First Amendment protections from the very start. The entire purpose of this years-long effort is now obvious: To silence @RealAlexJones and shutter InfoWars permanently. The government may very well succeed in these efforts on June 14th. If InfoWars survives the June 14th hearing, it is likely InfoWars will remain online through the November election.

Share this post and stay tuned, as I will do my best to keep you updated on the latest events while the world rallies to save InfoWars from being dismantled by the United States government. Whether you agree or disagree with the things Alex Jones says, if you are an American, you hopefully agree with his RIGHT to say those things. And you hopefully agree it’s wrong for government to target independent media outlets for termination and financial ruin, which is exactly what has happened in this case. What the government is doing today to InfoWars could be turned around and used to target Buzzfeed-type left-wing media organizations in the future, depending on who is in the White House at the time. Very dangerous. This is not the America we once knew.

Watch my interview with Alex Jones covering all this, filmed yesterday:



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