It’s not hard to imagine America’s demise any more

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Imagine if Americans awoke to the news that 40,000 fellow citizens were slaughtered by an unprovoked, sinister terrorist attack and 8,000 others were taken hostage.

Video evidence confirms the barbaric attacks were unspeakable acts of evil. Innocent people were slaughtered in the streets, babies beheaded or burned alive, women savagely raped, people dragged from their beds to be executed, and families decimated. The horror of that day begins to set in. Our enemy proudly claims responsibility, dancing in the streets, yelling “death to America” as they burn our flag. The blood of the victims flows in the streets while the chilling accounts of survivors describe an evil beyond comprehension.

If we continue to ignore the truth, we will find ourselves consigned to the trash heap of history.

Just imagine that.

Based on the population of the United States compared with Israel’s, that is the equivalent of what
Hamas did on October 7, 2023, the day of the worst attack on that country in its storied history.

Naturally, these heinous acts committed by Hamas brought back vivid
memories of the Holocaust. The world has not witnessed evil like that since the Nazi regime, which was committed to actual genocide of the Jewish people. We saw the worst of humanity then and right before our eyes. History is repeating itself.

The propaganda machine is in full force, just as it was during the war. The world has been told Israel is not only the aggressor but is responsible for committing genocide against the Palestinian people and Hamas, the monsters who orchestrated one of the most barbaric acts in recent history. Just as Hitler’s propagandist Joseph Goebbels said, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” Now, to find the line between good and evil, we’re told we must consider “the context.”

The United States led the way during World War II in the fight against tyranny. The
Greatest Generation sent its best to extinguish an evil regime. Most of them had come to this country fleeing those very tyrants. We promised the world, “Never again!” We had moral clarity and understood our role as the defenders of liberty and freedom.

How could the same nation be divided now over the right and wrongs of October 7?

We allowed this to happen. The Marxist “Progressive” movement has permeated our culture and become a cancer to our collective national conscience. We are a mere reflection of what we stood for. We bowed to the woke mob, watching as our national monuments were toppled in the name of “tolerance.” We sat back as these entitled, delusional children “sanitized” our history through the lens of victimhood and ignorance. Simultaneously, we surrendered our founding principles and our national identity.

An entire generation has been indoctrinated by the media and their professors to believe America is not exceptional but evil and imperialistic. They were told the founders were not heroes and men of courage but greedy white men who owned slaves. They march against “oppression” in the United States, idolizing brutal dictators like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, while wearing T-shirts glorifying them as revolutionary heroes.

Members of the generation coming of age were too coddled, too often told they were special and given far too many participation trophies. Their sense of entitlement permeates their thoughts and actions. They believe they are owed everything but responsible for nothing. To them, facts are just inconvenient truths. They preach tolerance and acceptance of all viewpoints yet viciously attack anyone whose opinion differs from their own. They feel morally superior under the veil of ignorance.

Since the brutal attack by Hamas, anti-Semitic attacks are up over 400% in the United States.

Paul Kessler, an elderly Jewish man, was bludgeoned to death by a Palestinian professor. In February, a crazed man hunted down two Jewish men and tried to kill them as they left their synagogue. An IDF soldier, who was a medic on the front lines, came face to face with the evils of Hamas. She was brutally attacked in New York City during a peaceful demonstration that became violent when terrorist sympathizers saw the Israeli flag. The NYPD told her there was nothing they could do.

Across the globe the incidents are staggering, and the reaction from progressives is either indifference or encouragement.

College campuses have turned into
Palestinian encampments, a national disgrace that lives at the intersection of ignorance and arrogance. The chaos on our campuses and our streets can be traced directly to the schizophrenic leadership of the Biden administration. We have imposed economic sanctions and withheld delivery of essential weapons while Israel, our closest ally, fights for its very survival. Biden even floated the idea of accepting Palestinian “refugees” while the fate of American hostages in Gaza remains unknown.

Those calling for a ceasefire conveniently overlook the ceasefire in place on October 6 and broken so heinously the next day. In love with their victimhood, our campus warriors embrace Hamas’ claim that they are the oppressed and that it’s Israel that is hell-bent on genocide by fighting a war it never started.

Our Greatest Generation stormed the beaches of Normandy to stop the Nazis. They had the fortitude and courage to liberate the world. I can promise you that generation did not mourn or send condolences when Hitler met his demise. They called evil by its name because they had seen its face.

There is no distinction between the terror of the Nazis and the terrorist regime of Iran, which backs Hamas. Iran is the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world and celebrated the diabolical acts of October 7 because they were orchestrated from Tehran. And yet when Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi — known as the Butcher of Tehran — was killed in a helicopter crash on May 19, the United States sent condolences and the United Nations honored him with a moment of silence.

Our national soul has been poisoned. We have surrendered our moral compass to those who hate us.

America’s founders built this country on Judeo-Christian principles, providing the glue that has held us together and allowed us to survive and thrive. But the light from the “shining city on the hill” is in danger of being extinguished. If we continue to ignore the truth, we will find ourselves consigned to the trash heap of history.

That isn’t hard to imagine at all.

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