NBC historian hyperventilates Trump will turn US into dictatorship if re-elected

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NBC presidential historian Michael Beschloss told MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart former President Donald Trump will become a dictator should he win the 2024 election.

Beschloss made his comments after a jury in New York City found Trump guilty of improper use of campaign money relating to his deal with Stormy Daniels. Trump has maintained his innocence and has said the charges and trial are politically motivated.

‘Do you, Jonathan, think the majority of Americans will vote for dictatorship and anarchy? I don’t think so.’

“We have a guilty verdict against the former president on 34 criminal counts while he is also running for president. There is no legal or political precedent for what we are witnessing. But how does this compare to other destabilizing moments in our history?” Capehart asked.

“I think the choice is actually pretty clear. You know, we have got a convicted felon. But in days of yore, if a convicted felon had run let’s say for alderman, which, was probably about as high as he or she would have aspired until the last couple of decades, that person would have said, ‘I served my time. I learned my lesson. I have remorse. There is going to be no one more zealous than I am in enforcing our legal system.’ Instead, you and I saw that rant at the bottom of the brass elevator at Trump Tower yesterday by the presumed Republican nominee of this year,” Beschloss explained.

“So when you have got someone who is promising at the same time to be dictator for a day, it will never be for a day, as you know. It will be for four years, if not for his lifetime if that begins,” Beschloss continued. “At the same time, he is saying I’m going to dismantle our rule of law which is the glory of America, keeps the peace, assures fairness when it works for all Americans. You have got dictatorship and anarchy at the same time. Do you, Jonathan, think the majority of Americans will vote for dictatorship and anarchy? I don’t think so.”

Capehart voiced his agreement with Beschloss’ assessment.

Online reaction to Beschloss’ comments often include how Trump did not become a dictator during his first term in office.

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