One of Biden’s Venezuelan Illegals Just Shot 2 NYPD Officers

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As everyone who is not willfully blind knows, “President” Biden’s mobs of illegal aliens have been wreaking havoc wherever they are planted, especially in so-called sanctuary cities that cater to them and shower them with largesse. In New York City, gangs of Venezuelan foreign nationals have been using e-bikes and motorized scooters to rob New Yorkers with greater efficiency, establishing sophisticated networks for wiping and reselling stolen electronics and devices. 


The NYPD has been working overtime to break up these organized crime gifts from our Democratic administration. Early Monday morning, during a foot chase, a suspect in one of these gangs shot two police officers.

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Nineteen-year-old Bernardo Castro Mata walked across the U.S. border in Eagle Pass, Texas, last year and slithered up to NYC. There, he freeloads off the public at a migrant shelter that used to be the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel near LaGuardia Airport.

Just after 1:30 on Monday morning, two officers, who are part of the 115th Precinct’s public safety unit, observed Mata riding a motorized scooter the wrong way at the intersection of 89th St. and 23rd Ave. in Elmhurst, Queens. They attempted to pull him over, but Mata soon abandoned his scooter and fled on foot. As the officers gave chase, the Newest American turned and fired multiple rounds at them from his (also illegal) 9mm pistol. 

One officer was struck center mass, while the other was shot in the leg. Fortunately, the officer who was shot in the chest was wearing his bulletproof vest. Both men were taken to Elmhurst Hospital, treated, and released later Monday morning, around 7:45 a.m.


At a press conference at the hospital, New York Mayor Eric Adams held up the vest that saved the officer’s life, pointing out the place where it had been struck by the illegal alien’s bullet. “Everyday New Yorkers are not wearing this,” the mayor pointed out. He called the shooting a “senseless act of violence” and condemned Mata’s “total disregard for life.”

“This is what we’re fighting every day,” Adams misspoke; in fact, prosecutors in New York are much too busy locking up the front-running presidential candidate because his accountant wrote “legal fees” on the check stubs of retainer payments to his then-lawyer. Hard-working New York prosecutors, judges, and juries were able to achieve this singular legal accomplishment despite also being occupied with civilly prosecuting “President” Biden’s chief rival because he was a successful real estate investor and because a flaky writer was paid to tell a jury about her rape fantasies. 

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The Venezuelan gang member suspect who fired on the officers was shot in the ankle during the pursuit. He was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in Queens, where he received first-class surgical healthcare, compliments of U.S. taxpayers. He is expected to recover.


Mata has no prior arrests in NYC, but NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban told reporters that he is a suspect in several current robbery investigations in Queens. It will be interesting to see if he is held and prosecuted or simply released, as are so many other violent criminals in our stupid blue cities.

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