Regime Histerian Douglas Brinkley: Trump Conviction Means America Is Reborn

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The Regime Media’s selling of the sanctity of the verdict to convict former President Donald Trump in the New York business records trial requires the intervention of, what else…regime historians. 

Watch as CBS Sunday Morning trots out none other than Douglas Brinkley for that all-important historical spin on the Trump verdict, which is laid quite thick here:

JANE PAULEY: Commentary this morning from historian Douglas Brinkley who has thoughts on the Trump verdict.

DOUGLAS BRINKLEY: Two years shy of this country’s 250th birthday, 12 New York jurors have convicted former President Donald Trump on 34 counts for falsifying business records in an attempt to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. When the guilty verdicts were read this past week, America in a tangible way rechristened itself as a republic. It was a sobering reminder that every American is precisely equal before the law. I have always admired Thomas Jefferson for wanting no title before his name except mister. Like the other Founders, he didn’t want or expect special treatment under the law.

DONALD TRUMP: This is long from over…

BRINKLEY: Former President Trump’s conviction proves that in the eyes of the law even an ex-president is just another Mister. It’s also worth noting that this kind of jury trial never could have happened in the authoritarian countries that Mr. Trump so admires. Xi of China, Russia’s Putin, Hungary’s Orban, Erdogan of Turkey. None would ever be tried by a jury of their peers. Unlike those countries, the United States vigorously upholds the rule of law. Our Founders ardently believed liberty and justice for all would bring monarchs, despots and populist demagogues to heel. The good news is our judicial system ran a cogent and fair trial in New York. The Manhattan Criminal Court has changed American presidential history forever. Out of 46 presidents, only Mr. Trump carries the ignoble albatross of “convicted felon.” It’s a sad phrase, but it also gives reason to rejoice that Jefferson’s republic is new all over again.

You may ask yourselves why there is such a rush to get historians out there to weigh in on the verdict. Primarily, they are there to bolster calls to defend the sanctity of the judicial process, now that its crass perversion therein has yielded its intended result. 

It was Michael Beschloss who appeared on NBC Nightly News, and said:

MICHAEL BESCHLOSS: Well, for more than two centuries, we’ve had a lot of very controversial legal verdicts. Before the Civil War, at the time of the Cold War, you and I could list them for the next three hours. But the point is that here we are, still standing. We’re still a republic. The DNA of America is to respect the rule of law, even if we disagree with it. There can be peaceful protests. A defendant- a guilty party can appeal, but in the end we always respect the rule of law that’s the essence of our country.

Lest anyone was unsure of what that meant, Beschloss then went on MSNBC and vomited all over himself with conspiratorial nonsense of murder, anarchy, dictatorship, and the like. 

Enter Douglas Brinkley, who in the past has panned Henry Kissinger for being “anti-democratic”, blamed Trump’s “authoritarian bent” on President Gerald Ford, touted climate extremist Gavin Newsom as “a hero”, hailed Nancy Pelosi as “the most important” Speaker “in American history”, and compared President Joe Biden to such historical presidents as Abraham Lincoln and FDR.

Based on that resumé of nuttery, you knew that Brinkley was coming off the top rope for this verdict. And that he did, reframing this perverted trial and subsequent verdict as an American rebirth.

By insisting that this verdict is a vindication of our institutions, as opposed to their further corruption, Brinkley takes the side of totalitarian weaponization of government over liberty. 

Brinkley’s words herald this verdict as a rebirth of America. Reasonable observers are left to ask themselves…reborn as what? 

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