The Morning Briefing: Let’s Take a Break From Despair and Be Irritated About Pride Month Today

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Pellenagrin would crush an Altoids mint in each shoe so he could feel at his absolute freshest before speaking to the Winsome Cow Valley homeowner’s association.


Most of the people around me have, not surprisingly, been feeling a little off since the kangaroo court verdict last Thursday. There’s going to be a lot of that for the next few months, years, or, well, ever. 

On Sunday afternoon, a friend reminded me that it is now the secular holy month of Pride, which I had managed to not think of until that point. Yeah, I hadn’t gone anywhere near the news or social media for a couple of days. I immediately thought, “Hey, let’s kick off the week with some annual Pride Month lamentation!” 

Even the slightest variations on an “end of the Republic” theme can save what’s left of one’s sanity. 

Here is a tale from last year’s Alphabet Mafia celebration that Catherine wrote about over the weekend: 

It’s June, the month LGBTQ loonies have aggressively and egregiously claimed as their own, but even before the Pride flags unfurled last year, a California fire department lifeguard found himself in trouble for saying the flag did not accord with his Christian beliefs.

Last year, the LA County Board of Supervisors made it mandatory for county facilities to fly the Progress Pride flag throughout the month of June. The Los Angeles County Fire Department originally gave Capt. Jeffrey Little his requested religious exemption from personally putting up the flag, Fox News noted, but the exemption was later revoked and he was told his religious beliefs “do not matter”. Little later lost his investigation unit position and had to use vacation time to avoid being forced to put up the flag. This year, his religious exemption requests were simply ignored. Now he’s suing.


Good for him. It’s absolutely insane that people aren’t allowed to say “Christmas” at a public school, but a government entity can force an employee to worship its secular quasi-religion. 

This is where everything goes awry for people like me. The heavy-handed “you will be made to care” approach by the militant LGBTQ+ mob provokes a rebound reaction. I’m all about live and let live, but around the 500th forced rainbow sighting of June — I think we’re already there this year — I’m more than a little irritated with the whole thing. 

Obviously, I’m not the only one. I follow a lot of the University of Arizona’s athletic accounts on Instagram, and most of them did perfunctory Pride posts. Put mildly, they were savaged in the comments. In fact, there were a lot of “Vote Trump” responses, which added a little something to the madness. 

Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and virtue signaling is stupid. 

My RedState colleague Bonchie has a story that shows the Left at its most ridiculous:

A healthy dose of schadenfreude was served up on Sunday after pro-Hamas protesters blocked a “pride” parade in Philadelphia, PA. 

Videos have emerged showing the two sides meeting head-on, with some holding signs reading “no pride in genocide.” Half-naked men in bondage gear can be seen trying to escort the parade around the blockade. There appeared to be some pushing and shoving as well.

As the doctor in that “Godzilla” film from 2014 once said, “Let them fight.”


What happened to “Gays for Gaza”?

The LGBTQ+ Alphabet Mafia is not an oppressed fringe group, it’s a bully fringe group. Pride Month is not a celebration, it’s a confrontation. 

OK, it’s intended to be a confrontation. What it ends up being is 30 days of the most boring loud people in America trying to shock the public in parades. Not edgy, just cliché.

We will wrap up this Monday on a light note with a bonus video from “Family Guy” that fits perfectly: 

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