Watch: Oklahoma police officer smashes through fence, makes flying tackle to apprehend suspect in thrilling bodycam video

An Oklahoma police officer has gone viral after bodycam video was released of him doing everything in his power to apprehend a suspect – including smashing through a fence.

A 20-year-old suspect led officers on a wild police chase last month.

Police dashcam video shows an officer in hot pursuit of a silver sedan speeding down a road. At one point, the sedan nearly collides with a white pickup truck in an intersection.

Police bodycam video shows the suspect ditching his car after a crash and jumping over a fence in a residential area.

An officer is seen on bodycam footage climbing to the top of the fence to deploy his taser at the man on the run, but the suspect escapes.

A second officer with the Moore Police Department sneaks through a hole in the dilapidated fence.

A third police officer – identified as Sgt. Justin Sternberg – is seen sprinting to the crime scene before lowering his shoulder and barreling through the fence. Despite smashing through the fence, the officer doesn’t lose a beat and chases after the suspect.

Police bodycam footage shows the two officers climbing over another fence.

Officer Sternberg jumps over two more fences.

The thrilling video shows Sternberg climbing to the top of a fence and making a flying tackle on the suspect. Sternberg and the suspect allegedly both got tased at the end of the confrontation.

The suspect is then arrested for allegedly stealing a vehicle. Police said they found a firearm and a bag of marijuana in the stolen vehicle.

Sternberg told KOCO-TV, “It was run through it or try to climb it, and I think trying to climb it would have taken more time. So, in my head, ‘Just run through it.’ I had to jump another fence to another fence to take him into custody. As I did jump the fence, I ended up getting tased. So, we were both getting tased at the same time.”

As far as the now-broken fence that Sternberg plowed through, the Moore Police Department said, “The family will work with us and the city to get the repairs done.”

Clint Byley, with the Moore Police Department, stated: “We did make an attempt to talk with the homeowners. As of last check, I don’t know if we’ve made physical contact with them yet, but they’re more than welcome to come to the police department to talk about what happened. And then, we can get them into contact with the city if they don’t have the ability to do that themselves.”

Sternberg offered to help the family fix the broken fence.

“I’m sorry. If I need to come out and fix it, I will. I can help,” Sternberg said.

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