White House Spox John Kirby Says World Leaders Appreciate the Way Biden Has “Revitalized Our Alliances and Partnerships and Our Networks Around the World” (VIDEO)


White House spokesman John Kirby was on “This Week” on ABC with host George Stephanopoulos to discuss Biden’s “strength” on the world stage.

“Former President Trump said this morning on Fox News that the world is out of control and laid the blame on President Biden because he said world leaders don’t respect President Biden. Your response?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“Well I don’t get into election campaign rhetoric. I can’t do that,” Kirby said.

“They appreciate the way the President has revitalized our alliances and partnerships and our networks around the world and how we have stood up to aggression,” Kirby said of world leaders regarding Biden.


Looking at Joe Biden’s record at home and abroad clearly shows that the world does not respect him. Instead, they see Biden as weak and incompetent.

Joe Biden has a difficult time even putting sentences together. Last month he gave a speech in New Hampshire regarding healthcare for veterans under the PACT act. He was left tongue tied.

“After I signed the Pack-Anderl-An-Pack-At-Lack-Ack into law,” Biden said.


In addition to his inability to form coherent sentences, last month Biden struggled to welcome the Kenyan leader as he struggled to walk and follow simple directions.


It is hard to believe any world leader takes Biden seriously.

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