Another U.S. poultry farm goes UP IN FLAMES as sabotage ops target yet more food supply chain hubs

Another U.S. poultry farm goes UP IN FLAMES as sabotage ops target yet more food supply chain hubs

More than one million chickens are dead after a massive fire burned down Wabash Valley Produce Farm in Farina, a small town in southern Illinois.

According to reports, the fire broke out at approximately 6:30 p.m. on May 29. More than two dozen fire departments rushed to the scene to help put the fire out, but it was already too late: the facility was a total loss.

Marion County Sheriff Kevin Cripps told local NBC affiliate KSDK that multiple buildings on the site were completely incinerated, the smoke from which was visible for miles.

Illinois state Rep. Blaine Wilhour announced on his Facebook page that the Farina Farms chicken facility in question provided free-range chicken and eggs to the consumer market. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

The video below shows the sheer size of the fire, which was truly massive. This comes at a time when birds in other states are under attack by the government for supposedly being contaminated with “avian flu.”

The Illinois State Fire Marshal is reportedly conducting an investigation into the fire to see if it was arson. No injuries were reported during the sizable response.

(Related: Did you know that small farms in the state of Oregon are under attack by the government, which claims it is only trying “to protect the people?”)

U.S. food supply taking major hits

The Shadow of Ezra (@ShadowofEzra) X account tweeted that the Wabash Valley Produce Farm facility in Farina is one of the largest free-range facilities in the country.

“Between bird flu and this fire, chickens are having a bad week,” the account wrote. “This will no doubt have some type of effect on the food supply.”

The fire was reportedly so large that shipping trucks had to be rerouted to a completely different highway.

Engineer W.R. Schock, QBD (@iontecs_pemf) on X wrote that “they,” referring to the powers that be, “need all the chickens gone as eggs protect against the spike protein.”

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“This is getting really annoying,” Schock added. “Don’t we have any surveillance, overhead sprinklers or security at all? Who’s running this show?”

To this, someone else responded that whoever is presumably behind all this is trying to control the food supply – because to control the food supply is to control the world.

“More than 4 million chickens in Iowa will have to be killed after a case of the highly pathogenic bird flu was detected at a large egg farm,” the responding account added about another major chicken and egg loss that occurred around the same time as the Farina fire.

The Health Ranger also commented on X about how he has been raising chickens for more than a decade “and amazingly they have never spontaneously combusted.”

“Now,” the Heath Ranger added, “we’re seeing large-scale chicken farms going up in flames every week or two … nothing suspicious here at all, move along.”

Numerous others agreed that America’s food supply is clearly under attack, especially since these mysterious fires have been occurring en masse for several years now.

“I have said repeatedly: ALL local townships, cities, and Regions, must rely on Citizen Patrols, now, as the opposition ramps up their disastrous and planned reduction in our food supply (the means of influence for popular uprising, for fear of starvation),” added Frank L. DeSilva (@desilva_frank) to the conversation.

America’s food supply is under attack. Learn more at

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