‘Call of Duty’ Pride bundle lets players simulate murder using trans flag-adorned guns and bullets

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There have been multiple mass shootings executed, attempted, or at the very least planned by transvestites and LGBT radicals in recent years.

In April, police arrested a trans-identifying high school student in Maryland who was allegedly plotting to shoot up classrooms full of elementary school children. In February, a gender-bending anti-Semite from El Salvador opened fire in Joel Osteen’s Houston-based Lakewood Church. In January, a Nazi-supporting transvestite in Oregon was arrested after threatening to “go out in a blaze of glory.” The same month, a trans-identifying teen stalked the halls of a school in Iowa, murdering a sixth-grader and wounding five others. Last year, a female transvestite murdered three children and three adults at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee. There was also the 2019 STEM School Highlands Ranch mass shooting in Colorado and the November 2022 massacre at a LGBT club in Colorado Springs.

Trans-identifying suspects’ share of mass public shootings nationwide over the 2018-2023 period is
reportedly well over seven times their share of the population.

Despite the apparent instability of this cohort, particularly when
cross-sex hormones are factored in, a major video game developer has decided to pair LGBT propaganda with its popular first-person shooter — a move some critics figure serves to glorify violence in the activists’ colors.

Activision Blizzard’s Call of Duty franchise is from far innocuous, having long courted controversy.

For instance, one mission in the Infinity Ward-developed 2009 title, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, generated outrage with its “No Russian” mission, which had players fill the shoes of an undercover agent drawn into a
false flag attack at a fictional Moscow-based airport. Instead of mowing down the usual waves of armed enemies, players were instead tasked with becoming terrorists and massacring multitudes of unarmed civilians.

Activision Blizzard drew the ire of former CIA asset and Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega in 2012 for
supposedly hurting his reputation in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

The woke company’s
controversies are not limited to gamifying terrorism and providing Latin dictators with a second act.

In recent years, the
DEI-captive company — which allegedly has diversity officers ensuring conformity and compliance for each video game — has worked to make sure its murder simulations are in alignment with the LGBT agenda.

Twitch streamer Nick Kolcheff’s
suggestion last year that LGBT activists should “leave little children alone” prompted the company to remove his in-game character avatar, which had gone on sale the previous month in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and in Warzone.

Whereas last year, the company was breaking links to dissenting voices, this year the company rolled out LGBT propaganda in
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and in Warzone.

In its Modern Warfare 3 season four announcement, Activision Blizzard alerted gamers to “seven free Pride weapon camos.”

‘We’re proud to celebrate Pride Month by offering seven different Weapon camo variants.’

“Call of Duty is for everyone, and we’re proud to celebrate Pride Month by offering seven different Weapon camo variants, each representing the colors of the different LGBTQ+ flags,”
said the company.

One gamer
noted that some bullets in the game have been digitally painted in the colors of the transvestite flag.

Bounding into Comics
reported that the franchise has rolled out similar bundles before, having introduced LGBT-themed calling cards in 2022. However, this is apparently the first time that the company has applied Pride graphics directly to bullets.

In addition to weapon camouflages and activist bullets, the free bundle includes Pride flag weapon stickers and weapon key chains.

Former Blizzard Entertainment team lead and Red 5 Studios cofounder Mark Kern
tweeted, “Um….did you think this one through? @Activision @CallofDuty We just started PRIDE and we already have the worst virtue signal of the year. If the news media actually covered what was happening with mass shootings, they would know. But they either don’t know, or don’t care.”

That Park Place
noted that some critics have dubbed the Pride package the “Audrey Hale Operator update,” in reference to the murderous transvestite who shot up the Covenant Christian School in Nashville.

The activist publication PinkNews
suggested, “As is somewhat expected sadly, the reaction to the update has been mixed as the Call of Duty community is not renowned for its LGBTQ+ support or allyship.”

While critics have suggested the Pride package is in bad taste, Forbes
suggested it amounted to a “nice gesture to the LGBTQ Call of Duty community.”

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