Evidence reveals Biden may be using taxpayer dollars to elect Democrats

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Toward the beginning of his presidency, Biden issued an executive order to “promote and defend the right to vote.”

Biden directed every agency in the federal government to participate, telling federal agencies they were to somehow look into voter registration, expand vote by mail, and use approved third-party organizations to help them get it all done.

“We don’t know who those organizations are; we don’t know all of the details because they are stonewalling Congress,” Glenn Beck explains, noting that what a “third-party organization” meant in 2020 was “partisan with strings attached.”

Biden has still not let Congress know exactly what the executive order is meant to do — and in the weeks leading up to the midterms, had his DOJ stonewall FOIA requests.

The Foundation for Government Accountability reportedly called the executive order an “unconstitutional taxpayer funded get out the vote effort designed to benefit the president’s political party.”

“So, it’s Zuck-bucks on government-funded steroids,” Glenn says.

An email revealed by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project proves this, showing a collaboration between an approved third party and the Department of Agriculture.

“The Department of Agriculture, of all agencies, had enlisted the support of this approved third party to get their info at state level on voter registration data,” Glenn says, before reading a line from the third party, Demos, website.

“They are quote ‘working to build a just, inclusive, multi-racial democracy,’” Glenn reads, continuing, “Demos has worked at the intersection of democracy reform, economic justice, and racial justice. Demos has moved progressive issues from the movement to the mainstream, such as debt-free college.”

“This is our election partner,” Glenn says, shocked. “Does that sound non-partisan?”

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