‘Heterosexual Awesomeness Month’ underway at Idaho saloon — and minds are exploding across the fruited plain

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Word is rapidly spreading about the Old State Saloon in Eagle, Idaho, which has dubbed June “Heterosexual Awesomeness Month.”

But as you can imagine, leftists aren’t too happy that the bar encroached on sacred temporal territory, given that June has been claimed for Pride Month and all.

‘This is horridly disappointing. I can handle differing political views. I CANNOT handle bigotry and hate towards marginalized communities.’

Here’s how the Old State announced its monthlong celebration last week on Facebook:

“une will be OSS’s inaugural Heterosexual Awesomeness Month! Come join us all month to celebrate heterosexuals, for without them, none of us would be here! Each Monday will be Hetero Male Monday, and any heterosexual male dressed like a heterosexual male will receive a free draft beer. Each Wednesday is Heterosexual couples day, and each heterosexual couple will receive 15% off their bill. More events to be announced in the coming weeks. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay informed.

Old State also put the word out Friday that it’s “seeking a perfect judge for Mondays in June to determine if men’s chosen clothing is officially heterosexual. The pay is $15/hr plus free beer. If you think you have what it takes to determine straight threads, send an email with qualifications to: heteroclothingpro@oldstatesaloon.com. Thank you!”

‘Blatant attack against the queer community’

While a number of commenters under Old State’s “Heterosexual Awesomeness Month” Facebook announcement absolutely love it, not everybody’s a fan. A few examples:

  • “This is horridly disappointing. I can handle differing political views. I CANNOT handle bigotry and hate towards marginalized communities,” one commenter wrote in part. “Many of the people in my karaoke group are LGBTQ+. They now do not feel safe among your staff or patrons. Spin it however you think you can, but this is a blatant attack against the queer community.”
  • “Every day is hetero day,” another commenter argued. “They’re not a marginalized group, they’re the norm. I don’t care if you are glad you’re straight but pointing out your hetersexuality during gay pride month is an affront, is othering and creates separation and discord.”
  • “Perpetuating mundane and outdated norms just to please your simple pea sized egos and brains is actually really depressing!” another commenter wrote. “Expand your mind, let go of your ‘straight’ pride and love yourselves and embrace reality.”

Amid all that was the following gem: “I support heterosexual people but idk why they have to shove it on our faces. Do that in the privacy of your own home.”

What’s more, it took an Idaho Statesman op-ed writer only a day to respond to Old State’s announcement with a piece titled, “Free beer for straight men! Eagle bar’s ‘Hetero Month’ puts ‘trans’ in transparent bigotry.”

Writer Michael Deeds ripped the bar’s monthlong promotion to shreds, calling it “thinly veiled hate.” He added that “this marketing gimmick is an insecure reaction to LGBTQ+ Pride Month, the annual celebration for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride in June.”

Old State answers back

The saloon didn’t shrink back from the dust-up, posting the following message Friday: “We hear lots of people are upset about Heterosexual Awesomeness Month! Please know: 1) We love our LGBTQ+ patrons! 2) We will not be changing our mind and give into the group of those who are responding with vitriol. 3) ALL are welcome to come celebrate heterosexuality with us in June!”

Old State added in the same post that Thursdays this month will feature “Her Hetero Happy Hour,” meaning that happy hour prices are in effect for heterosexual females all day. Oh, and “Hetero Awesomeness T-shirts” are coming soon, too.

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