‘Let’s make Britain great again’: UK’s Nigel Farage announces election bid, assumes leadership of Reform UK party

British political figure Nigel Farage has announced that he’s running for parliament and will lead the Reform UK party.

“Britain has been failed by two main parties that have conspired to accelerate our decline. There is not a cigarette paper between Labour and the Tories in this election,” Farage wrote in a piece posted by the Telegraph. “Both are hooked on a deadly addiction to mass immigration; neither has a plan to pull this country out of a deep economic hole. And, frankly, neither believe in it. I believe in this nation, and I’m prepared to fight for it. That is why I have announced that I will lead Reform UK for the next five years and seek election as the MP for Clacton,” he declared.

‘I can’t let those people down.’

“Reform’s agenda for the country is based on the belief that the purpose of power is to best serve British citizens. Where Labour and the Tories stand for mass immigration, Reform would freeze non-essential migration to reverse long-standing wage depression and save Britain’s public services from the burden of unlimited demand,” he asserted. “Where the London establishment stands for high taxes and high spending on their pet projects, Reform understands that British taxpayers know best how to spend their money.”

In a video posted on X, Farage said, “Let’s make Britain great again.”

Farage’s announcement comes as a reversal fewer than two weeks after he announced that he would not run during the nation’s upcoming elections.

“I have thought long and hard as to whether I should stand in the upcoming general election,” he had noted in a statement last month. “I will do my bit to help in the campaign, but it is not the right time for me to go any further than that.”

Farage explained during remarks on Monday that he changed his mind because he does not want to let people down.

“I can’t let down millions of people who would feel let down by me unless I was at the front and lead this charge,” he said while explaining why he had changed his mind. “I can’t let those people down. I won’t let those people down.”

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