Mark Levin: Donald Trump should indict Joe Biden upon winning election

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Trump may have been convicted of all 34 counts levied against him in the Manhattan hush-money trial, but Mark Levin doesn’t believe justice has been served.

Rather, he believes it has yet to be.

“The problem is, there was a jury. There should never have been a jury, there should never have been a case. Prosecutor is a Soros prosecutor. Case should have been dismissed,” Levin says.

“The problem is, you have a judge who is a Biden judge. So, now you have two individuals, two dishonest individuals, who lack complete integrity. That is Bragg and Mershan, who are influencing a federal, national, presidential election.”

Levin says this shows “intent in the case of Joe Biden.”

“God willing, if Donald Trump is the next president of the United States, I am going to urge him, I’m going to lobby him, to tell his Attorney General of the United States, ‘Let’s stop playing games,’” Levin explains, adding, “Indict Joe Biden and indict Antony Blinken.”

Why? “Because according to Bragg, Merchan, and their surrogates — they created a crime.”

Levin says this crime is valid because of the precedent they’ve set in the Trump trials.

“That is the precedent that comes out of the New York case that Biden just supported,” he says.

In addition, former special counsel Robert Hur supplied plenty of evidence in his previous report that Levin believes could indict Joe Biden.

“We have so much evidence in this report from Mr. Hur of willful violations of classified information. It’s hard to keep track,” Levin says. “But the Department of Justice said they’re not going to act because Mr. Hur said, and certified, that Joe Biden is an imbecile.”

“So, Joe Biden is exposed, and in my view, should be indicted for willfully disclosing classified information, effectively selling secrets for a profit, and trying to cover it up,” he adds.

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