The Morning Briefing: Anthony Fauci Deserves a Gulag of His Own

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There is quite a rogue’s gallery of people to despise from the dark time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most who weren’t happy with the tyranny (non-leftists) tend to point to Anthony Fauci as the most despicable of them all. 

From the time he began appearing on camera with former President Donald Trump in the early days of the pandemic, I remember thinking that he was one of the smarmiest bureaucrats I’d ever seen. That’s something, given that I’ve been publicly expressing my displeasure with federal bureaucrats for decades. Fauci never seemed like he truly cared about public health; he seemed like he was there to promote the brand of Anthony Fauci. 

As time went on, Fauci began to greatly enjoy his newly bestowed tyrannical power, more so than almost any of the other petty tyrants that were spawned by the dark days of the Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu. 

Those who unquestioningly fell into line in 2020 were fond of saying that they were “following the science,” insisting that anyone who didn’t was a knuckle-dragging rube. 

As we continue to find out, there wasn’t much science in any of the science back then. 

Fauci is back in the spotlight, and he’s giving his detractors even more reason to dislike him. 

This is from Matt

According to bombshell testimony from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the architect of America’s COVID-19 response, he completely made up the six-foot social distancing rule and other policies under the guise of protecting Americans during the pandemic.

Fauci made the admission during a January interview, the transcript of which was released mere days before his planned public testimony scheduled for Monday. 

House Republicans intend to subject Fauci to intense grilling regarding the efficacy of the COVID restrictions he imposed, which he now acknowledges did little to impede the virus’s transmission.


The six-foot rule was very specific. People were under the impression that the plucky virus would just run out of steam after five feet and eleven inches, leaving the person standing on the six-foot marker at Whole Foods safe to live another day. 

Fauci and his evil minions weren’t prompted by any science, they were just winging it. 

This is from the same guy who swears he never really said that schools had to be closed. 

The six foot rule wasn’t the only thing Fauci was pulling out of wherever he pulled such things out of. He was also asked about studies that have been done regarding the efficacy and dangers of masking children. Here’s more from Matt:

Fauci’s response was horrifying. “No. But I believe that there are a lot of conflicting studies too, that there are those that say, yes, there is an impact, and there are those that say there’s not,” he claimed. “I still think that’s up in the air.”

Well, “up in the air” is certainly comforting, isn’t it?

I don’t know about most of you, but I’m beginning to lose count of how many “Oops” moments that there have been from the COVID “experts.” Gosh, it’s almost as if the public health protocols were nothing more than flexing by a bunch of power hungry government types. 

Never one to admit that he’s wrong about something, Fauci is now playing the out of context card, which our sister site Twitchy covered. Here’s a tweet from that post where Fauci tries to explain himself: 


See? It wasn’t really him!

We all remember Fauci presenting a united front with then-CDC head Rochelle Walensky. His pathetic attempt to throw her under the bus here isn’t believable. The government agencies were working in concert and there is no buck to be passed. 

Also, saying that decisions were made based on studies from “years ago” isn’t much of a you-know-what covering. 

Fauci knows that he can say whatever he wants to because he’s practically untouchable. None of the COVID tyrants have been held accountable and most have been rewriting the history of their roles. The mainstream media hacks who were incurious pandemic government propagandists never question them. 

While it’s true that it was Trump who weaponized Fauci, it was the Democrats who treated him like a demigod to be worshiped. He’s no wiz of a physician though. He went to work for the government during the Nixon administration. 

The smug “follow the science” leftists were really just following the whims of a megalomaniac tyrannical bureaucrat. 

Anthony Fauci is the OJ Simpson of COVID idiots: he’s still out there looking for the real tyrant. 

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