Here are all the NFL teams that haven’t virtue signaled for Pride Month

While only less than a third of the NFL’s teams have made statements in support of pride month 2024, the sizeable number has certainly garnered fans’ attention.

June is the month where companies and corporations make statements affirming their commitment to selling rainbow-colored merchandise and supporting the sexuality of a select number of people. Typically, this is backed by an event and/or the changing of one’s company logo to the theme of a kaleidoscope.

No sports team, video game publisher, or department store is safe.

That is until 2024.

Viewers have been clamoring for a sports league that allows them to watch without having players, stadiums, and play surfaces constantly shoving political messaging in their face. At least some NFL teams have seemingly started to listen.

Fans noticed that several football squads had seemingly allowed June 1st to come and go without making a desperate appeal. After lists began circulating of what teams were avoiding pride-related statements, fans started watching intently to see which organizations might change their minds.

As such, the number of franchises not participating has whittled down by a couple teams.

‘Football is for everyone.’

As of this publication, nine NFL teams have not changed their public facing profile to a pride-themed logo, have not made a recent public social media post supporting pride initiatives or products, and do not have an easily located page promoting specific ideologies or events on their website. If the pages do exist, they aren’t easy to find.

The nine teams are as follows: Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Tennessee Titans.

This list is not exhaustive, and is subject to change. In fact, a couple teams were late removals from lists that were circulating just 24 hours prior.

This included the Green Bay Packers who made a “football is for everyone” post on June 4th on X, and turned off the comments.

The Lions were also spared from lists, but they chose to promote a line of merchandise on June 1st, noting that the team was “#OnePridewithPride.”

The Bills are another team that seemingly had a bit of a back and forth with their marketing executives. Early on June 1st the team posted a transgender-pride themed version of their profile logo on Facebook.

Three days later, after much fanfare in the comment section, the Bills changed their profile picture back to the original logo. This of course both upset and pleased certain people.

The franchise however still has a rather thorough pride page on their website, which includes disturbing links to a site promoting transgender ideology to children, and provides a pronoun chart which includes “Hir” and “Zir,” which of course are not real.

Only two teams ran the full gamut by changing their logo, making public posts, and dedicating a web page to their cause: The Los Angeles Chargers and the Minnesota Vikings.

They were among the list of four teams proudly sporting a pride version of their emblem, which also included the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Commanders.

Honorable mention goes to the Bears, who as part of their celebrations announced a diversity coaching fellowship.

Also, who can forget the Carolina Panthers, who for the third straight year will feature a man posing as a woman on their cheerleading squad.

Fans need be weary though, because like Target — who recently decided that the sale of their protransgender fashion lines needed to be limited — many organizations prefer to play both sides of politics and never truly back off of their stance. Target still backs organizations that support child gender surgeries, and simply pushed their apparel to be available online.

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