Joe Rogan says rappers are showing support for Trump after guilty verdict: ‘They’re exposing how corrupt the system is!’

Joe Rogan told his millions of followers that many rappers were showing support for former President Donald Trump after his guilty verdict for falsifying business records.

The extraordinarily popular podcast host was interviewing comedian Tony Hinchcliffe on his show when he made the comments.

‘Now they realize also he’s getting trapped by the system, just like everybody’s been rapping about being trapped by the system.’

“They’re changing the tone on this. They’re doing it. They wanna try to make him look like a bad guy, but people just aren’t stupid anymore,” said Hinchcliffe of Trump. “I mean, obviously still half of the country doesn’t get it.”

“So many rappers are showing support for Trump, now, it’s crazy,” said Rogan.

“Because now, he’s got a felony,” he laughed. “I mean, like, now they realize also he’s getting trapped by the system, just like everybody’s been rapping about being trapped by the system, this bulls**t system. And you watch it happen with him.”

“Exactly,” responded Hinchcliffe. “I don’t think they were counting on the black voter being like, ‘Hey, they just f***ed that guy. That’s what they do to us.’”

“Yeah! That’s what they do to everybody,” Rogan responded. “And they pretend they’re there for you while they’re letting in immigrants.”

He went on to call the U.S. a “banana republic” and Mexico without the assassinations.

Trump was convicted by a jury of 34 felonies related to a hush payment paid to adult film worker Stormy Daniels over an alleged extramarital affair with the businessman. The payment was supposedly made in order to influence the 2016 presidential election.

‘They’re exposing how corrupt the system is.’

Elsewhere in the podcast, Rogan marveled at how Democrats had exposed their corrupt nature by charging Trump in the Stormy Daniels case.

“I just think this is a perfect storm of things that are happening at the same time, with AI emerging, China and Russia becoming buddies, us being run by a dead man,” said Rogan.

“They’re trying to stop this other guy from even running and they’re exposing how corrupt the Democracy is. They’re exposing how corrupt the system is,” he added. “Just by charging this guy with 34 felonies for paying off a lady he had sex with, like what?”

Trump is facing two more cases involving election interference, one federal and the other in the state of Georgia. A judge previously found that Trump had falsified valuations of his properties in order to obtain favorable financial services. And he’s also facing a federal investigation into allegations that he illegally handled classified documents that were found at his Mar-a-Lago residence.

He is scheduled to be sentenced for the 34 Stormy Daniels felonies on July 11.

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