Neil deGrasse Tyson FURIOUS as host destroys his pro-transgender athlete narrative

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Neil deGrasse Tyson may be a 65-year-old famous astrophysicist, but that isn’t stopping him from behaving like a child when someone points out obvious facts about the difference between men and women.

“It is a little weird that we split people by male and female in this way. I’m imagining a hundred years from now, looking back and saying, ‘Do you know, back a hundred years ago they split boys and girls and they couldn’t compete?’” Tyson said on a podcast with Michael Shermer.

“I could imagine that too,” Shermer said, clearly trying to be nice before blowing up Tyson’s argument. “But the differences are so massive on average.”

Tyson then threw his arms up in the air and attempted to interrupt Shermer, while Shermer continued, “The average woman wrestler is not going to be able to take down you when you were in your peak.”

“You’re an old man on the porch in a rocking chair,” Tyson said. “You are criticizing something that is in need of modification.”

Dave Rubin can’t believe he’s seeing Tyson go “woke.”

“The only way in a hundred years we would look back and think it’s archaic to have boys and girls competing separately is if we’ve drugged all of the girls,” Rubin says.

“At this point, I’m fearful that somebody might think that’s a good idea,” Sage Steele adds.

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