Progressive Boston mayor pushing for decriminalization of criminal offenses like shoplifting, trespassing and destruction of property

Progressive Boston mayor pushing for decriminalization of criminal offenses like shoplifting, trespassing and destruction of property

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu believes that many basic offenses should not be prosecuted and that the “criminals” should be let off scot-free. Worse, she is for the shuttering of the Boston Police gang database as well as re-allocating police funds towards other “city priorities.”

Her stances on these issues were revealed in the “2021 Boston Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire” from Progressive Massachusetts, a 501c4 nonprofit organization that tracks and ranks how progressive elected officials are. The 39-year-old city executive argued for charges including shoplifting and disorderly conduct to be beyond the reach of prosecutors. She also insisted on the “soft-on-crime” approach for other serious crimes including receiving stolen property, driving with a suspended license, breaking of property and wanton and malicious destruction of property.

In the document, the then mayoralty candidate was asked, “Do you support shuttering the Boston Police gang database?” She answered, “Yes.” Then, Wu was asked whether she supported a do-not-prosecute list enacted by the former Suffolk County District Attorney (DA) Rachael Rollins. Wu answered affirmatively. Rollins enacted the policy memo identifying more than a dozen charges she said should be declined for prosecution. The DA was later brought into the Biden administration, before resigning after an ethics probe found that Rollins committed “egregious” ethical violations and “abuse of power.”

The mayor also seemed not to fully trust the city law enforcement as she thought that the cops should not have the ability to use tear gas, rubber bullets and attack dogs. She also advocated for reallocating some of the police’s budget towards other city priorities as mayor. The mayor said she believes law enforcement should be “demilitarized.”

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The questionnaire then asked, “Do you believe that affiliation or sympathies with white supremacist organizations among officers is a problem with BPD? YES/ NO If so, what measures would you take as mayor to combat that issue?” Wu responded with “Yes. I have advocated for terminating any [Boston Police Department] employees who were involved with the January 6th Capitol insurrection.”

Wu is the city’s first female and first Asian American to assume the role of city mayor. Despite her claim of rolling out “inclusive policies” in the city, she was criticized for not being as inclusive of white people, resulting in numerous complaints to the state’s attorney general.

In December, the Democratic mayor came under fire for sending out invitations for a holiday party intended only for non-White city council members. “Honorable members: On behalf of Mayor Michelle Wu, I cordially invite you and a guest to the Electeds of Color Holiday Party,” an email which they claimed was mistakenly sent to everyone, said. Just 15 minutes after the email was sent, Wu’s aide Denise DosSantos apologized noting how the invite was just for minority city councilors. Although DosSantos apologized for the mistake, the incident sparked complaints because she did not apologize for planning a party that excluded White city leaders. In the end, the Massachusetts AD decided not to investigate this. (Related: Boston mayor takes major heat after she sent city police a list of critics and protestors.)

Councilor slammed Wu’s recommendation to give illegal migrant children a voice in budgeting, elections

Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn denounced Wu’s administration plan to potentially give children power in deciding budgeting priorities, according to a recent report.

“During this time of great fiscal uncertainty … now more than ever, it is critical that we show the taxpayers of Boston that we take our financial responsibilities seriously,” Flynn wrote in a letter, as reported by the Boston Herald. “Allowing children to decide the usage of taxpayer dollars would do just the opposite and be viewed as tone-deaf, unserious and wholly inappropriate by my constituents.”

According to the Herald, Flynn reacted to Wu’s announcement during a City Council committee hearing that reviewed her 2025 fiscal budget. She said that the new budgeting voting process is open to the undocumented and children as young as 11 years old. While the measure was first approved in 2021, residents will be able to start the process in July.

Starting in July, residents will be able to dictate how $2 million in city funds should be spent after the Wu administration handpicks 15 community priorities for them to choose from. Flynn argued the $2 million figure was too “significant” given the current economic conditions.

Another councilor, Liz Breadon, was more supportive of the attempt to widen the voter pool. “I really do think this is a huge opportunity to develop civic engagement,” Breadon said. “I do hope that it will lead to a more engaged citizenry going forward.”

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