Stu Burguiere: Trump’s conviction is an example of how to ‘rig a trial’

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Donald Trump’s conviction in his hush money trial has been celebrated by leftist politicians and the media all week long.

The New York Times has joined in, with a headline reading: “Trump Convicted on All Counts to Become America’s First Felon President,” while Joe Biden has also begun happily calling his opponent a convicted felon.

Stu Burguiere
believes that headline “conveys two possible things.”

“Trump is worse than every other president we’ve ever had. That is one way you can read that headline. Another way you can read that headline is that never before in the history of this great country, over 200 years, has any political party attempted to do this to their opponent,” Stu says.

“The rules were set up against Donald Trump ever getting to a fair trial,” he continues, adding, “The trial itself was a rigging.”

“This was a misdemeanor that was beyond the statute of limitations. That means this is over, right?” he adds. “They went after every little technicality to try to get him to convert this past the statute of limitations and into a felony by charging it in conjunction with another felony.”

“That in and of itself is freaking crazy,” Stu says. “This is how you quote unquote ‘rig a trial.’”

“After all this goes down, they tell the jurors that not only do you not have to convict him on one of these other felonies, you don’t even have to know which one it is. Let me give you a few options and if you disagree on which one it is, well that’s ok too,” Stu continues.

“It’s like me calling into work and saying, ‘Well, I can’t come to work, I’ve got the flu or cancer or leprosy. Pick one.’”

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