Texas Republicans Propose Powerful Election Rule to Fight Back Against Democrats

There is a general sense of gloom and doom hanging over us on the right, at least in the sense that we don’t expect much in terms of Republicans being able to fight back against the blatantly rigged trial in which former President Donald Trump was convicted.


A lot of conservatives, and even some candidates, have said we need to fight fire with fire and start locking up Democrats on far more provable charges. That is all well and good, but there is one issue: That is a short-term solution. It’s also very emotionally charged.

Of course, that does not mean I am opposed to seeing the worst of the left sitting in Club Leavenworth or other prisons for crimes they’ve been allowed to skate on for far too long. The point is that even if we can try, convict, and punish them, new people will just take their place, and who knows how much better or worse they might be than the current bunch.

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So what do we do to prevent that?

You may have heard the saying, “There are no blue states, only blue cities.” It means that leftist policies are only able to get anywhere because Democrats have outsized power in urban areas, which have greater populations than the more rural counties, which are more conservative.

The Republican Party of Texas (hello again! Just wrote about y’all yesterday!) has proposed a brilliant idea that really reinforces that notion, at least in the Lone Star State.


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If you look at their latest 50-page party platform (which includes incredibly based things about abortion, “gender-affirming care,” and other leftist causes du jour), one piece of proposed legislation can be found on page seven.

Under the section labeled “State Sovereignty,” the Texas GOP proposed a “concurrent majority,” which is described as follows:

“The State Legislature shall cause to be enacted a State Constitutional Amendment to add the additional criteria for election to a statewide office to include the majority vote of the counties with each individual county being assigned one vote allocated to the popular majority vote winner of each individual county.”

In other words, Texas should implement a state-level version of the Electoral College. This would mean that candidates could not win office by simple state-wide majority vote but must win a majority of counties as a whole as well.

If the proposal becomes law, Democrats would have to at least pretend to care about the people in the more rural parts of Texas if they want to get into office, significantly neutering their ability to win by running in big cities.


Of course, that would also mean voter fraud would have to become more sophisticated, which is why the Texas GOP also included a string of voter integrity measures in their platform. These include photo ID laws, “sequentially numbered and signed paper ballots that contain anti-counterfeiting measures to deter counterfeiting and accounted through strong chain of custody procedures,” and repealing motor voter laws.

This may only be a proposal now, but given that Texas is pretty red already, we can only hope it will be made into law. And hopefully, other states will look at this as a model to follow.

We might not get accountability from the people we know to be guilty now, but we can at least significantly diminish their ability to keep ruling over us in the future.

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