YIKES! Joe Biden Makes a Beelines for the Kids at the White House Congressional Picnic (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Tuesday evening delivered opening remarks at the White House Congressional Picnic before departing for Paris, France.

Dr. Jill, clad in a sofa print dress, welcomed everyone to the picnic.

“It’s so wonderful to see so many friends here. My heart is filled with gratitude as I look out at this crowd,” Dr. Jill said.

“Over these past three and a half years, so many of you have welcomed me to your districts and your states, as we’ve worked together on issues that bring us all together: Lifting up educators, highlighting the great work of your local community colleges, fighting to end cancer as we know it, supporting military families,” she said.

“Now, I get to introduce my husband – Senator from Delaware for 36 years, and now President of the United States – and as you all know him: Joe,” Jill said.

Joe Biden predicted the Democrats will take the House back in November.

After Biden was finished slurring through remarks, Dr. Jill told Joe Biden where to go.

“You gonna walk down this way? You go that way, I’ll go this way?” Dr. Jill said.

Biden replied, “She going that way, I’m going this way.”


Biden shuffled off the stage and made a beeline for the children. He went straight for the children with his mouth wide open!

He just can’t help himself.

What a creep.


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