ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel To Be The Latest Late Night Host To Fundraise For Biden

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On Tuesday, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel made a campaign ad for the Biden Campaign disguised as an interview with Vice President Kamala Harris. On Thursday, he made it official as he announced that he is the latest night host that will be hosting a fundraiser for the campaign.

Kimmel sent out the following text:

Hi, it’s Jimmy Kimmel. I’m interviewing President Biden and President Barack Obama — with special guests George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and more — and you’re invited.

Pitch in any amount and you will be entered to win a trip out to LA to meet a pair of presidents, two movie stars, and one ‘poorly rated’ talk show host.

Trump will hate this, so let’s do it!

Our country needs Joe and Kamala in the White House.

Our democracy may not survive another four years of a Trump presidency.

As our President might say, ‘That’s no joke, man.’

Trump wants to ban abortion nationwide, give Putin permission to do ‘whatever the hell he wants,’ and pardon the criminals who carried out January 6.

He is protected by far-right mouthpieces and billionaire mega-donors who’d gladly eat crab cakes while the world burns if it means they’d pay less in taxes. That’s what Joe Biden up against, aid it’s what your $20 will help defeat.

Chip in now to claim your entry in the Premiere Nights with the Presidents contest.

The late night comedians appear to be in a race to see who can be the biggest Biden booster. In late February, NBC’s Seth Meyers conducted a softball interview with Biden only for CBS’s Stephen Colbert to conduct his own fundraiser with Biden, Obama, and Bill Clinton a month later. In late April, Colbert also announced he will be taking The Late Show on the road to Chicago for the Democratic National Convention, but not to Milwaukee for the RNC.

Kimmel, meanwhile, announced a fundraiser for Biden and Harris the same week he interviewed the latter about many of the topics he mentioned in the text. In 2023, Kimmel was also the most partisan of all the late night hosts with 88 percent of his political jokes targeting right-leaning people or organizations.

His style of comedy is firmly in the insult category, sacrificing cleverness for bitterness. Beyond Trump, Kimmel is known for his long-running feud with Sen. Ted Cruz and for being labeled by CNN as “America’s conscience” for his nasty attacks on Republican health care plans.

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